We were looking through the Lunch With Andy archives and were reminded of a little fact in this episode: we offer a lot of drivetrains for different applications.  So we're talking about them, and reminding you about our special event today benefiting the FIRST in Texas Harvey Fund!
Our FIRST in Texas Harvey Fund event is TODAY!

FIRST in Texas created the Harvey Fund to offer grants to help sustain FIRST programs in southern and central Texas areas that were hit by this massive hurricane.

Today,  AndyMark will donate 30% of all sales to the Harvey Fund.  We hope to ensure nobody has to choose between keeping their FIRST program going this season and other essential needs as the area recovers.

The only two things that won't count towards the donation tally: tax, and gift certificates.  Every other part we sell, big or small, counts.  We hope to see your order today, as we want to contribute $30,000 towards this effort!
Driver training? Programming? We've got a drive system for that!

It's often useful to have a second robot drivetrain in your shop, whether to give drivers practice or to give your programmers something to test against.  Depending on your needs, we've got a few to choose from!

TileRunner is a 6WD or mecanum drive system aimed primarily at FIRST Tech Challenge, and it's a little under 18" square.  The NeveRest gearmotors run at 12V and have integrated encoders, making it easy to integrate a roboRIO control system for controls and programming training.  It's friendlier to ankles with less power available, and the smaller form factor makes it much easier to store after meetings in classroom cabinets or car trunks.

Our Peanut Chassis is a 2WD chassis powered by two CIM motors in Toughbox Micro gearboxes.  In stock form, it's about as fast as a stock AM14U3 but much more lively to drive thanks to the short wheelbase.  Swap the gear ratios or add 8" wheels, and it will be quite the test for your drivers to control!

And, of course, there's the AM14U3 that was part of the 2017 Kickoff Kit.  This competition-grade 6WD can be built into a full second robot easily to compete at off-season events.  We offer it in a few variations, from a pneumatic-tired option ready to tackle terrain to the AM14U3 Square Deal Edition that trades a little flexibility for savings.  And the frame is available separately if you've got spare parts you want to put to work.
What's on Deal of the Day next week?

We've got parts for robots big and small, all on sale for one day a piece!  Here's what we've got planned for next week, so mark your calendar now.

Saturday 10/7:  6" DuraOmni Wheel (am-3154)
We're here to help!

If you have questions about our products, we're here five days a week with hundreds of years of combined FIRST  experience--don't hesitate to give us a call or an email .  Keep checking our  new products page  for fresh releases, and be sure to check each day for our Deal of the Day .  You never know when you're going to find a steal!