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Check out our 2021 Annual Report !


You can now view the online-version of our 2021 Annual Report which tells the complete story of our landmark 5th Anniversary as an organization!

Contents include letters from Founder and CEO Prof. Marci Hamilton and Chairman of the Board James Marsh, Esq., updates on our work in SOL Reform and more, highlights of the groundbreaking Game Over Commission Report, stories from survivors touched by our work, and so much more.

Read the report find out what we did last year and where we're going next.

Thank you to all of our supporters who have helped us get to this place!

Read the Annual Report

Social Science Director AJ Ortiz wrote a blogpost on the politicization of the term "Grooming" and how it endangers the public's understanding of how children become sexually abused

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"The latest inflammatory rhetoric being thrown around in the political culture wars has put a spotlight on child sexual abuse (CSA), with partisans using the term “grooming” to attack political opponents. This is very dangerous and harmful to the movement bringing awareness to the prevalence of CSA. Grooming is an important concept with a specific meaning in CSA research literature, but it has unfortunately been weaponized for political purposes."

Read the blog here

CHILD USA released a statement on harmful legislation in New Hampshire (HB 1677)

Prof. Marci Hamilton, CEO and Founder of CHILD USA said: "New Hampshire is responsible for the intense suffering of hundreds of children in its own systems. These defenseless children suffered emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. Yet, the state wants to ignore the authentic pain that it caused many of these victims by devaluing their claims through the statute of limitations and by pretending emotional harm doesn’t count. This inhumane response by the government that caused the pain is the equivalent of kicking the can down the road. If they don’t help these victims now, they will have to in future as they struggle to live with the burden of the trauma inflicted. On average, victims don’t come forward until they are in their 50s. New Hampshire’s SOLs are cruel and the state’s responsibility. Please help these child victims fairly and fully."

Read this news story examining the issues with HB 1677 

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