What should I know about the first night of Religious Ed?
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St. Emily and St. Thomas Becket Parishes
August 27, 2019
Dear Families,

We are looking forward to the beginning of our Religious Education year together.

There are events at St. Emily and St. Thomas Becket that you will want to know about.

St. Thomas Becket is celebrating its Fiftieth Anniversary this year.  The information for all the events is below.

St. Emily will have its Third Annual Feastival on September 21.

We will be featuring Alpha in the fall during our Religious Ed classes.  Drop off your kids and walk down the hall for a new experience that can help you grow in your faith. You'll hear more about it the first night of classes.  For now, think of joining us.  You don't have to go far!

Info about the start of classes

firstnightOur first session will be on September 11.  Both parents and children will meet in the church at 6:15 PM for an opening prayer service.  Students will find out their class assignment when they arrive that evening.

While the students leave for class, there will be a short program for the parents.

You can find the  supply list for each grade below.

tuitionIf you have not yet paid tuition for St. Emily, please note three options:
  • You can, of course, pay in full any time between now and the opening night.  We accept checks, or you can pay via eGiving;
  • You can choose to pay half of your tuition by the beginning of classes, and then pay the balance at mid-year.  You may also do this by check or via eGiving;
  • The easiest option is to set up a monthly payment via credit card or bank draft in eGiving. Please set up the payments so that they are completed by April 1.
St. Thomas Becket families should pay at your parish.  Contact  Renata Sosin if you have questions.

If you are a new family (or even if you are returning), you might want to take a look at our  Family Handbook.  It will answer many of your questions.  The menu on the Family page also guides you to the calendar and other useful information.

Of course, please let  Cathy Crino know if you have other questions not answered there.
Come to Alpha
Join us on Wednesdays at 6:15 PM  beginning on September 18
to find the real answers to questions

Come to Alpha.  

It can't be simpler.  Drop off your kids in the gym and come into the school faculty room to explore the answers to the big questions of life - faith, meaning, God, purpose.

Wednesdays at 6:15 PM in the fall.

Join us!

Explore More | Alpha Invitation 2017/18

Join the St. Emily Children's Choir
Convenient practice time on Wednesdays

Calling all children of St. Emily Church!  If you like to sing and if you are in first through eighth grades, we invite you  to come sing with the  "Kid's Choir."

Kid's Choir will begin on Wednesday, September 25, from 5:15 PM - 6:00 PM in school music room.  (Then you can go to RE class.)

All the sign up info is here.  If you are involved in sports or another commitment right now, please know that you can join at any point in the year.

St. Thomas Becket Fiftieth Anniversary
Mass with Cardinal Cupich and Dinner Dance

St. Thomas Becket is celebrating its Golden Anniversary with some special events.
  • Mass with Cardinal Cupich on September 7
  • Dinner Dance on October 12
St. Emily Feastival 2019
Save the Date
September 21

The Third Annual St. Emily Feastival will be Saturday, September 21. We'll celebrate the Feast of St. Emily at the 5:00 PM mass.

After mass, there will be dinner, dancing, games, raffles, and general merriment.

Check out the information here - and save the date!

suppliesSchool Supplies for Religious Ed
What students bring to classes

It is recommended that students have a specific backpack or book bag that they use just for Religious Ed.

First Year through Third Grade
Fourth through 
Eighth Grades
1 two-pocket folder
1 box of 24 crayons
2-3 pencils with erasers
1 box of washable markers
1 glue stick
Blunt scissors
1 two-pocket folder
2-3 pens
2-3 pencils with erasers
1-2 highlighters
1 box of washable markers
1 pack of 3 inch post its
1 spiral notebook

(Students in grades 5 through 8 are using the Breakthrough Bible. Replacement Bibles can be purchased from the RE office. )

Fourth grade students will receive their Bibles in the opening prayer service.
Dates to Save
  • September 11 - First Class - begins at 6:15 PM
  • September 18 - Alpha begins during the Wednesday classes
  • September 26 and 28 - Parent orientation for the First Eucharist program
  • October 9 - Pilgrimage for eighth grade Confirmation candidates
  • October 17 and 19 - Parent and candidate orientation for seventh graders hoping to be confirmed in 2021.
  • November 16 at 5:00 PM - Enrollment mass for both seventh and eighth grade Confirmation candidates
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