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Good Earth is a locally owned produce and garden center that specializes in providing the freshest and tastiest local fruits, veggies, clean meats, eggs and dairy from local farmers. We also support local bakers, families and artisans by selling amazing breads, jarred goods, dried goods, soaps, candles and oh so much more! Over the years, our faithful customers have repeatedly requested non-local produce that cannot be grown in our area, so we provide these products too. You can get almost anything else on-line or at the big box stores, but get the freshest produce and most beautiful plants right here at Good Earth. Now that fall has set in and the holidays are around the corner, our store will be stocked with seasonal produce such as pie pumpkins, squashes, greens, apples, nuts, citrus and homemade breads, pies and cakes! The greenhouse will boast beautiful Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes, including hypoallergenic trees! We also have yards of garland and wreaths of different sizes. Everything you need for the holidays is right here at Good Earth!

Homemade Holiday Gifting Time!!
Cynthia F Catts,  RD, LD

If you are looking for a homemade holiday gift that is super healthy and also simple, here's an idea! Rosemary, Maple, and Cayenne Mixed Nuts!! 

6 cups fresh raw nuts (we have mixed nuts but also have peanuts, pecans, walnuts and brazil nuts).
1 Tbsp dried, ground rosemary
3/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper (use more or less as desired)
1 Tbsp oil of your choice
1/4 cup pure maple syrup

Preheat to 350. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
Toast the nuts for around 10 minutes stirring once.
Meanwhile, in a large bowl, mix together the remaining ingredients.
Add the toasted nuts to the mixture and pop back into the oven for another 10-15 minutes.

Remove from oven and let cool before placing in containers for gifting.
The Farmer's Market
We have your tree AND the presents to go under it!

Boy, have our elves been busy! They've been hand-picking the BEST local sweets and treats to create perfect themed gift boxes for everyone on your shopping list, near or far. Choose from some of our curated options like "Movie Nite," packed with popcorn, sodas, and candy or "Christmas Morning," to surprise them with pancake mix, stone-ground grits, and delightful pecan syrup to make Christmas Day even more special. If you'd rather take matters into your own hands, our elves are here to help! We've got the box and the bow, ready to be packed. Peruse our shelves for the perfect assortment, or ask our head elves, Cathy and Cassie, to help you pick out exactly the right gift for that special someone. If your loved ones aren't by your side this holiday season, send them some cheer and show them you're thinking of them by sending one of these special Good Earth gift boxes. Each box is sturdy and sound, ready to be taped and mailed. Christmas shopping: check! Your loved ones get a unique, homegrown taste of the CSRA, and you get a little extra free time this holiday season. And, dear reader, surely you know what that means- time to mix up a Moscow Mule and dust off that Dickens novel you've been wanting to crack open! Cheers.
Our Greenhouse
The Poinsettia- from Southern Mexico to South Carolina

These days, it's an easy trip to Good Earth to get one of our HUGE, gorgeous poinsettias- but this stunning Christmas beauty has traveled a long way to be our favorite holiday flower, and it has the stories to prove it. The poinsettia is native to Central America and was used by the Aztecs in several ways, including as a dye and a treatment for fevers. In 1828, it was discovered by the first United States ambassador to Mexico, Joel Roberts Poinsett. A native of South Carolina and an avid lover of botany, Poinsett had some plants sent to his greenhouses in Greenville where he began to propagate the flower and share it with his friends. Everyone fell in love with the bright, showy blooms, and the plant's popularity began to grow and spread. When Poinsett passed away on December 12, 1851, Congress declared this day National Poinsettia Day, to commemorate the man who first brought this lovely flower to the United States. You can help your poinsettia feel like it's back in Mexico by making sure it's near a warm, sunny window and by watering it sparingly. 

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