It's a fact of life, sometimes you've got to stop for a little while to ensure you're ready to go for the busy times.  Most people call that summer, we call that "this Friday".

By the way, a word for FIRST Tech Challenge teams: Time is running out to ensure your RELIC RECOVERY field ships right at Kickoff.  To ensure shipping by the Monday after Kickoff, your field pre-order should be placed by the close of business next Friday, August 25th.  With field set options starting at $150, it's never been more affordable to practice using the official field elements and game pieces.
AndyMark Performing System Updates Friday, August 18

We'll be performing maintenance on one of our core inventory systems this Friday, August 18th.  Doing this now will ensure we're well-prepared for the FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition seasons that are coming up awful fast.

What does this mean for you?  Our website will be up and running, but no orders will be shipped Friday, August 18th. If you want your package to be on the way before this weekend, order by 4:00 PM Eastern Time (GMT -4) on Thursday, August 17th.

We thank you for your patience as we ensure everything is ready for the season!

AM14U3 Square Deal Edition: Ready To Wire For $399!

A few weeks after the FIRST Championship, we introduced the AM14U3 Square Deal Edition.  We know some of you were already on your post-season hibernation (no worries--we're glad you're back!), so let's get you up to speed.

The AM14U3 Square Deal Edition is the AM14U3 drive system you saw in the 2016 and 2017 FIRST Robotics Competition Kit of Parts, but configured for a square-frame configuration with 4" HiGrip Wheels.  By using smaller wheels and omitting the unused belt options, we're able to offer this at an incredible $399.  It's never been more affordable to build a competition-quality drive system for freshman training, pre-rookie teams just starting up, demo robots, programming testbeds, and more!

If this has you eyeing a second robot for a FIRST STEAMWORKS competition this off-season, pair it with a BaneBots BB220 64:1 gearbox for a super-simple climbing mechanism.  Add bumpers and something for gears, and you'll be right in the thick of most events!

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What's On Deal of the Day Next Week?

We loaded this week's Deal of the Day offers with lots of useful things. Enjoy healthy savings on each of these items for one day only!

Tuesday 8/22:  RAW Box (am-2372)
Friday 8/25:  10mm Key Hub (am-0985a)
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