Ken Jones, PCC
Director of Communications
CMDA Center for Well-being

When I was a kid growing up, I learned the power of story by listening to my dad and my grandpa spin yarns and tell tales about all kinds of experiences they'd had. And in those tellings, life became more understandable, somehow. Learning to observe life … through the window of word pictures is how I would describe the view I came to appreciate. Simple phrases with larger meanings became part of the vocabulary of everyday life for me. Hearing my dad make life-observations using metaphors and similes was such a common thing that I hardly noticed the methodology; only the word pictures. One particular phrase that's stayed with me all my life was an observation my dad made about a particular person. He described the guy as being "lost as a ball in high weeds." Somehow, that provocative phrase called to my mind a word picture that had deep and even profound meaning. If a ball has landed in high weeds, it isn't exactly 'lost.' It's just that the weeds all around make it hard to locate.

I've been a sort of 'collector-of-sayings' throughout my life, I guess. And last week, my friend, Ann Tsen had a great term for what many so people are experiencing today. It rang so true in my head and heart that I made a mental note of its poignancy: 'Living in the land of high needs.' I took note of it because, well … I think it's a short walk from being 'lost as a ball in high weeds' to realizing that we're 'living in the land of high needs.' In many ways, there's not much difference between 'weeds' and 'needs,' I suppose. If we're living in the land of high needs, as long as we are anchored to the person and work of Jesus, we're not lost. It's just that the needs all around us can make balance and meaning and finding a rewarding 'life' hard to locate.

At the CMDA Center for Well-being, we're here to help. If you're living in the land of high needs, and yes, if you feel lost as a ball in high weeds? Coaching can help. I'd encourage you to invest in some personal coaching to help you sort out what matters most. You won't be sorry.

Feel free to give a listen to “The Quiet Zone.” Just 4-5 minutes of time. Hopefully, the investment of time will encourage and refresh your hurried life.

Thanks to all of you who are a part of making what I get to do possible. Your continued support and encouragement means more than you will ever know.