Issue 22 - Juneteenth 2020 Newsletter
Our House, Inc.
Message from our Executive Director
I am proud to acknowledge that Our House, Inc. is the only culturally specific agency in the state of Mississippi that addresses domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault and dating violence within the African American communities.

"Black Lives Matter"

We are in a world that sends a message that as a Black woman, I don’t matter. I n the words of Maya Angelou...

"It’s in the reach of my arms,
The span of my hips,   
The stride of my step,   
The curl of my lips.   
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,   
That’s me."

Dr. Patricia Ann Davenport
Executive Director
Our House, Inc.
What is Juneteenth? Check out the videos below
A brief History of Juneteenth
It is Written - Black Wall Street - Destroyed
In 1921, more than 300 people were massacred, thousands were left homeless, and an entire town was destroyed when people turned on their fellow citizens—in the United States of America. Which raises an important question: What kind of person would do that? The answer is surprising. Join Pastor John Bradshaw on location in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as we look at the challenge faced by every person: the sinful heart.
Live: Demonstrators Gather from around the nation to acknowledge Juneteenth 2020

Resource Links

Domestic Violence



RAINN-Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network

Resource Sharing Project for Rural Communities

National Domestic Violence Hotline

Sexual Assault Resources

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

Our House, Inc.

The National Center Violence Against Women in the Black Community

Woman of Color Network
SPECIAL NOTE : We do not endorse the purchasing of any items. We are ONLY sharing information that may be useful to survivors and advocates.
Nationwide Voices from
Victim Advocates/Agencies
about the current upraise of racial violence
Peace and Unity is needed!
Personal Letter from Aurelia Sands Belle

In recent years, I have been known to say, over and over, that it is exhausting being Black in America. The collective fear of hearing about the deaths of unarmed Black people at the hands of law enforcement and vigilantes adds to our shared...

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Our House, Inc.

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Office Phone: 662-334-6873
Crisis Helpline: 662-332-5683
Toll Free Helpline: 1-833-279-5683
Our Vision Statement
A world without interpersonal violence.

Our Mission Statement
To lead, empower and inspire change by eliminating domestic violence and sexual violence through intervention, prevention, prosecution, victim protection and sustainable restoration in rural communities; and, to enhance the lives of survivors of interpersonal violence by providing services that meet the psychological, spiritual and cultural needs of those we serve.