We're here to help.
To our trusted partner,

I know that the safety and health of your school community is always your highest priority. I want you to know that the CalWest team is here to work with you in meeting those challenges. We are committed to keeping up with the developments related to COVID-19 and collaborating with you to find our way forward. To protect all of us, we've decided to suspend all in-person school visits in April and convert existing appointments to virtual meetings.

We remain confident in our ability to lead the highest-caliber teacher and administrator searches for your school. As your school prioritizes and adapts to the current landscape, we are here to support you through the many unknowns that lie ahead.

CalWest has a national team and significant experience in using tools to work, interview, and interact electronically. If you think you could benefit from our collective knowledge in this space, I hope that you will reach out.

Hiring is likely not at the forefront of your mind during such an unpredictable time, but we are here to help however and whenever your school needs us.

If you're anticipating additional teacher or admin searches for the next school year, I encourage you to schedule a remote meeting with me to discuss your options. You can also email me the job description and your search preferences to expedite your search.
Lois Mufuka Martin
Vice President, Search and Consulting Services

818-906-2972 ext 105