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We're hiring!
The Lepage Center is delighted to announce a new staff position, an Administrative and Program Specialist .
Conceived as a 10-month, part-time position, this new staff member will help with the Center's operations and programs as we expand our initiatives and audiences.
We'd be delighted to receive applicants from any and all candidates interested in working with us to grow the Center and use history to further the public interest. A history degree, or degree in a related humanities discipline, is preferred.

Information and application information is on the Villanova HR website.

Your help in sharing, tweeting, and circulating this announcement is appreciated! We're eager to get the best possible candidates for this exciting new position .

The University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and seeks candidates who understand, respect and can contribute to the University’s mission and values.
In the media
The Lepage Center has had an active summer in the news:
  • Faculty Director Paul Steege was published in The Washington Post with a piece on the World Cup, history, and geopolitics. The article ran in the Post's "Made by History" section on the morning of The World Cup Final. The Lepage Center is a founding sponsor of "Made by History."

  • And North Carolina public radio recently completed an interview with Jason on the Lepage Center and doing history in the public interest. The segment is expected to air in mid-August; stay tuned to our Twitter account for the podcast link.
History Briefings for Business Leaders continue
Lepage Center faculty director Paul Steege briefs employees of the Philadelphia Union on the history of The World Cup, July 10, 2018.
The Lepage Center's History Briefings for Business Leaders series continued recently when we traveled to Talen Energy Stadium to conduct a briefing on the history of The World Cup, hosted by the Philadelphia Union of Major League Soccer.

Approximately 100 Union employees were in attendance to learn about the intersection of soccer, geopolitics and history. The presentation linked the first World Cup in Uruguay in 1930 with the World Cups in 2018 and 2022. It told the story of the German inventor Adi Dassler whose cleats during the 1954 World Cup brought his sneakers, Adidas, to fame. And it showed that not all such stories are what they appear; apart from new sneakers, the 1954 East German team also received injections of methamphetamines before their matches.

The briefing was led by Lepage Center Faculty Director Paul Steege, Associate Professor of History at Villanova. Paul's expertise includes histories of Europe, Germany and soccer. Learn more about our briefing series on our website.
From our blog
Our blog, Hindsights, will continue to publish throughout the summer . Our latest posts include:
The Cold War is Not Back
Tensions between the United States and Russia in Syria have led some pundits to assert a return to Cold War geopolitics. Historian Samer Abboud writes that simplistic assessment contains several inaccuracies, and overlooks key components of how the Syrian government has interacted with Russian leaders then and now.

Optimism, 1968
1968 is rightly remembered as a year of tremendous pessimism and discord. But in some respects it was a year of optimism, particularly in technology and air travel. Historian Jessica Pearson examines 1968 in the air through a history of Air France.

From our partners
The Lepage Center continues to work with national partners to promote historical scholarship and historical thinking.

Several exciting new partner initiatives have launched this summer, including:

  • The National Association for Media Literacy Education publicized our "6 Steps to Historical Literacy" guide. In an interview conducted with our director Jason Steinhauer, NAMLE and Jason discussed the need for media and historical literacy to make sense of the vast amounts of historical information on the Web.

  • The National Humanities Alliance has launched a searchable database of publicly-engaged humanities projects nationwide, Humanities for All.

  • The National History Center has launched a new newsletter connecting history with pressing issues on Capitol Hill, "History on the Hill."

  • The Foreign Policy Research Institute has launched a new podcast on current events, BackChannel, plus a new series with War on the Rocks on the significance of the Black Sea to geopolitics.

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