We’re making some improvements to the exterior of our Somerville branch to bring you a more cohesive look that ties to our recent interior renovation. Over the next few weeks, we are will be working on renovating our stairs, handicap ramp and tile flooring that leads to our lobby and ATM entrance. During the below noted times, access to our branch and ATM may be impacted.
August 1: Access to our branch and ATM via the handicap ramp will be restricted as we work to replace the concrete at the base of the ramp. If you require the use of a ramp, or you cannot use stairs, please visit our Cambridge branch or call us upon arrival at 617-547-3144 and we will gladly assist you from the parking lot.

August 8-11: Access to our branch and the ATM from the stairs on Somerville Avenue will be restricted. You can still visit the branch and ATM by using the handicap ramp.

August 12-13: We will be installing new railings outside our branch and access by stairs will be restricted on August 12. We will be working on replacing the railing on our handicap ramp on August 13. During this time, the use of our ramp will be restricted. If you require the use of a ramp, please visit our Cambridge branch or call us upon arrival and we will assist you from our parking lot.

August 17-21: We will be replacing the tile on the exterior platform of our entrance. Access to our ATM vestibule may be restricted during certain times/days throughout the week. Our Cambridge branch ATM will be available for use. Please visit our Facebook page for updates on access.

All exterior improvements are weather permitting. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience while we work to improve your visit to our Somerville branch.