We're in Japan!
This week, Nalini and I are in Japan! For the last decade, I've been super fascinated by the traditional Japanese fermented soybean called natto. It has a ton of nutritional value, and I've learned how to make it and enjoy it at home. But what I really want is to make it available to you! Japan is obviously the traditional maker of natto , so we are here in Japan trying to find a high quality source of natto to bring back and make available for everyone!

~ Sandeep
Happy Spring!
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We are trend-setting!
"Convenient Indian cuisine is the spiciest trend at Expo West 2019"

Curry in a Hurry was a big hit at Expo West! We are so excited to be featured in New Hope's trending products video!
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Brahmi Ghee was featured in SPINS 2019 Trend Predictions!
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