Please join us as we continue our six-month long #HIALEAHNOW Series at the Retro Future Night presented by Jameson! It's 2017 and we have self-driving cars, Facetime, Snapchat filters and SpaceX! We're living in the post-space age and we're about to go to Mars. Let's celebrate the fantasy and excitement of the post-modern 1960s and pay homage to its vision of our future. 

This "Retro Future" indoor New Year's party will be located in one of Leah Art's District's coolest new locations and will feature Miami's own time traveler straight from the Bermuda triangle, Otto Von Schirach.  FilmGate Interactive will immerse you into their virtual world, a 10-minute VR original experience. We're proud to partner with them to bring you a sneak peak of FilmGate Interactive Creative Conference coming up on February 3-5. Virtual Relief will create video mapping installations  that will completely transform the space surrounding you to zoom you into another plane. Remember III Point's video art installation by Veronica Gessa aka Mokibaby? Her retro TV sets will be LIT at the Leah. Live inside your own painting with Google Tilt Brush to  paint in 3D space using the room as your canvas. 

We're in the Future... Let's Celebrate!

Saturday, January 28

8 p.m. - 2 a.m.

Black Dot Agency
1085 E. 14th Street, Hialeah, FL



Performance by Otto Von Schirach

"Tipo Tropical" by Otto Von Schirach

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Connect with FilmGate Interactive Creative Conference on February 3-5. 

About The Leah Arts District
Hialeah's Southeastern industrial corridor rose to prominence during the 1980s as one of the largest and busiest areas of production and manufacturing in Florida. As a result of modernization combined with the effects of outsourcing, the uses that were once prevalent in the area dissipated and this particular area was all but abandoned. 

Since that time, a medley of different uses has been incorporated into the area including a heavy presence of some of Miami-Dade County's most prolific thrift stores. 

These thrift stores have been instrumental in introducing Hialeah to an entire generation of antique lovers and artists. The Hialeah Artist Live/Work Overlay District, also known as The Leah Arts District, enjoys a strategic proximity to the newly proposed Hialeah Market Station development project, Miami's artistic hubs, and other destination areas within Miami-Dade County. Because of it's location and highly affordable price per square footage, Hialeah's new Artist Live / Work District is in a position to play a vital and important role in the artistic and cultural development of not only Hialeah, but the entire South Florida community.
FilmGate Interactive Creative Conference uses new technology to tell innovative stories on February 3-5

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Mokibaby's Retro TV Video Art Installation will be LIT at the Leah