Dear TCAA Family,
Before we return to the busyness of the school year, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the success of our graduates, pass along some notes of encouragement, share updated news, and honor our 75th Anniversary.
Since the first rehearsal of the Denton Civic Boys Choir in 1946, TCAA has been working tirelessly to inspire lifelong passions for achieving academic excellence and pursuing artistic endeavors. This year, we are proud to celebrate our past and look forward to a continued strong foundation of arts and culture in Fort Worth.
We created a special webpage to honor the memory of TCAA past and we invite you to visit to Share Your Favorite TCAA Memory!
As the summer nears its end, we all long for the routines and optimism that come from the fall. When the curtain rises on this school year, we cannot be sure what challenges we will face. What we do know is that we will lean on each other, as we have for 75 years. The resiliency, determination, and dedication of our teachers, staff, students, and families has always been a defining attribute of our schools and programs.
Thank you, as always, for your understanding and support!
In Case You Missed It:
TCAA Talk - July 27th
Our next TCAA Talk will take place Live on Facebook, Monday, August 10th at 6pm.

Join us as Dr. Thomson and Dr. Vaughan answer YOUR questions surrounding our schools and programs.
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A Note to the Class of 2020:
This summer has been an interesting one, to say the least. We are so proud of all the patience and kindness we've received as we worked diligently to navigate this strange time. But most of all, we are SO PROUD of the Class of 2020 as they have been nothing but admirable, as always, through this all.

Missing out on so many memories and traditions during senior year was not ideal - and our faculty and staff felt just as deprived. So as one last gift to these amazing humans, TCAA and FWAFA Administration got creative and pulled off a graduation to remember. Just like the Class of 2020, it was one of a kind!

You have made us #FWAFAPROUD! Congratulations on your many successes and best of luck in all of your future endeavors. We look forward to continuing to watch you grow.
New in 2020, TCAA brings you the Texas Music Conservatory, which promises to be full of excitement! From new ensembles to focused private lessons, we know our musicians will feel supported and encouraged. This program is excited to offer a place for students who sing for fun as well as students who are working towards professional careers. In June 2021, we will celebrate with our first music recital ever and plan to establish traditions that will be experienced by students for years to come.
As Texas Art Conservatory enters its 2nd full year we are incredibly excited to offer our first set of full year Art courses. We are thrilled to see what our artists will accomplish when they are able to dive deep into their technique from the end of August through the beginning of June. We will also host our very first Gallery Showing in June so all participants will learn how to display and talk about their work in a public setting.
For our 6th season Texas Dance Conservatory is excited to continue with tradition along with growing and improving. Continuing from years past, we have a strong, outstanding faculty that is excited to push our students while helping to build a positive community. For growth we are excited to add additional levels to help ensure that all students are placed correctly and will have the opportunity to train in a setting best fit for their abilities.
Start of School Update:
Guidance from the Texas Education Agency (TEA) changed Tuesday, July 28 based on the opinion letter issued by the Texas Attorney General. TEA’s guidance now indicates that “a blanket order closing schools does not constitute a legally issued closure order for purpose of funding solely remote instruction." TCAA will follow the current TEA guidance that allows school districts to conduct the first four weeks of school through At-Home Learning. From there, we may request an additional four weeks.   
All TeSA and FWAFA students will begin their First Day of school on August 17th participating in At-Home Learning. During these first four-weeks of school, TCAA teachers and staff will focus on the education of our students remotely. Our staff will however be able to utilize campus resources and instructional tools during this time to provide students with structured and engaging learning opportunities.  We are all working diligently to prepare for a successful start to the 2020-2021 school year. Although our traditional events will look a little different this year, we are excited for you to enroll.

IMPORTANT: Each student, whether returning or new, is required to submit Enrollment Documents before they are considered as entering the new school year. Please do so at your earliest convenience to ensure your child’s place at TCAA. Click Here for Enrollment Documents.
Once complete, they should be emailed to for TeSA or for FWAFA.
Likewise, TCAA Commitment Forms for 2020-21 must be completed and submitted by Friday, August 14th so we can plan how to meet our learner's needs, either through in-school instruction or through At-Home Learning. 

We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue to work through this new information.  
Patricia Thomson, Ph.D. 
Interim Chief Executive Officer and President 
Texas Center for Arts + Academics 
Nancy Vaughan, Ed.D. 
Interim Chief Academic Officer 
Texas Center for Arts + Academics 

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TeSA Welcomes New Principal, Mrs. Compton!
We are excited to announce that the new Principal for Texas School of the Arts is Mrs. Betsy Compton!

Mrs. Compton holds her Master of Education in Educational Leadership, Master of Arts in Teaching, and Master of Arts in Dance. She has been our Curriculum & Instruction Director for TCAA for the past year and a half, but has served in the role of Interim Principal for both FWAFA and TeSA, and has fully immersed herself into building a strategic technology plan for both schools.

No stranger to the TCAA family, we are thrilled for Betsy to step into the role of Principal again. She comes to the position with a wealth of knowledge and resources, and having been with us for some time - we know TeSA won't skip a beat!

A Message from TeSA Principal, Mrs. Compton:

I am so excited to be your new Principal! For the past year and a half, I have been serving as our TCAA Curriculum & Instruction Director, but I have almost twenty years of experience in education, serving students in charter schools, public ISDs, private conservatories, and the collegiate level. This will be a year unlike any we've experienced, but I know we are all going to work together to make it amazing!

Artistically & Academically Yours,
Betsy Compton
A Message from FWAFA Principal,
Dr. Jackson:

I am so excited to launch a new school year with you. Although school is going to look a little different this year, we have been hard at work at what we hope will be the BEST year yet at Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts. While this year may be full of challenges, I know for certain that FWAFA will rise to the occasion and overcome any obstacles

Creatively yours,
Dr. Jennifer K. Jackson
Welcome to My Crib!
Do you remember MTV Cribs? FWAFA Humanities Teacher, Mrs. Lisa Smith travels to her childhood home and back to visit all of her "Cribs." We love that she includes a brief History Lesson for us!
TeSA and FWAFA Trivia
Our faculty and staff have been missing their students (and each other). In efforts to connect and have a little work-related fun, TCAA hosted a little morning trivia session for any faculty members that wanted to jump on Zoom for a bit. Play along and see if you can beat your teachers!
August 10: "TCAA Talk" Live Q&A on Facebook - @6pm
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August 27: PTO Virtual General Meeting - @6pm
August 10: "TCAA Talk" Live Q&A on Facebook - @6pm
August 12: PTSO Uniform Resale - @1pm to 4pm at FWAFA
August 12: Virtual Meet the Teacher - @6pm
August 17: 1st Day of Online School
August 24-28: Virtual Howdy Week
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