February 2019
Dear Climate Friend,

I live in a small town in Northern California. We're a community filled with environmental activists so I was surprised and honored when the committee organizing our Women's March asked me to speak on the climate. I had helped organize a local climate action group and many of our group's members stood with me as I honored young climate activists and spoke up as an Elder Climate Activist. We sent the couple of hundred marchers out with the song Sing for the Climate after I shared these words:

Today, I stand here as an older woman, surrounded by many other Elders, to say that it is not just young people who care about the future. We too refuse to leave an unsustainable planet for our grandchildren,
future generations and all life.

We are profoundly sorry that our actions, our privileged life styles 
have led to such devastating changes.

We say-
It’s time for a Green New Deal
It’s time for a Carbon Fee and Dividend program
It’s time for climate justice.

We will not retire from the urgent work of protecting our precious, fragile Mother Earth.
I hope you will continue to be voice for climate action.

For the our grandchildren, future generations and all life,
Margo Frank
ECA Leadership Team Member
ECA Supports Youth Climate Action
Over the years we have been heartened to see the growing number of young people who are taking action to address climate change. As Elders, we have a unique opportunity to guide, support and mentor young people. If you have children or young adults in your life, we hope you’ll encourage them to take climate action.

There are many organizations to choose from. Here are just a few of the national organizations and some of them may have a group in your area. As Elders, we can help amplify their voice as we raise our voices together.
Click the link below to learn more:

This Zero Hour     

Watch an inspiring TED talk by Greta Thunberg click the video
"I am Nathan, I am nine years old and I live in Florida. I have a Grandma that works for Elders Climate Action and I care a lot about the climate. If you think that climate change is not real you are fooling yourself because I experience the effects of it every single day. One example is the heat. On Thanksgiving in Orlando it was 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The past couple of years we have had more than five major hurricanes and every year it gets worse. I am going to be moving to Michigan with my family and one of the reasons is to escape the heat, humidity and the weather. As you can see climate change is real and if you don't do something about it now, by the time I am a grown up I may not have a home in Florida to come back to."

Tell us what you have been doing for climate action. Send a 150 word (max) summary of what you've been doing and we'll share it in a future newsletter. Send to info@eldersclimateaction.org .
Looking for ways to talk about climate change with your grandchildren?

We've curated a list of videos books and websites that help us talk about climate change with children. As grandparents, especially grandparents who take a stand for the health of the planet, we have a unique opportunity to help teach our grandchildren about climate change. We can take action on climate change by the choices we make and by being a role model for climate action. Our actions show in the we books buy for and/or read to our grandchildren, the videos and websites we share with them and the ways we include them in the climate conversation. We have the ability to not only show our grandchildren the wonders of the world, but to also instill in them a respect for how we should treat the earth.
What is the Green New Deal?
By now you have probably heard the buzz about the Green New Deal but have yet to understand what exactly it is. Organizations and politicians around the country are supporting this ambitious policy. It has evolved over a number of years and now has risen to the forefront especially by newly elected Members of Congress people and youth organizations. So what is it? It is a plan to transition from a fossil fuel based economy to one supported by clean energy. Our current economy is based on supporting corporations at the expense of individuals and communities. So how does this relate to climate change? Our current climate crisis disproportionately impacts working class people and frontline communities economically as well as endangering their physical health. The Green New Deal addresses inequality and climate change in its bold policy initiatives ranging from infrastructure to jobs to clean energy.

Stay tuned for an upcoming National Call and learn more about the Green New Deal and how you can help make a difference.
To learn more about the Green New Deal check out Vox The Green New Deal Explained or Sierra Club What is a Green New Deal .
Here are the highlights:
  • Move to a low carbon economy, 100% renewable, phasing out fossil fuels
  • Ensure the right to clean air and water
  • Restore the American landscape
  • Create clean green jobs
  • Create a just transition to a green economy
As Valentine's Day approaches, we share our love with cards and gifts, Why not share your climate story?
Help inspire others into action by sharing your climate story. Write a letter to your children, grandchildren, family, future generations and let them know why you are taking action on climate change now .

Elders Climate Action has partnered with DearTomorrow to collect and share your climate stories. Letters to Loved Ones in 2050 is an opportunity to take a moment and write a letter to your loved one, grandchildren or great grandchildren and let them know what you did when you realized the significance of climate change. All letters will become part of the project's archive and will be shared with future generations.
Write that letter today. We will share your letter now and preserve your letter for the future.
Are you looking for a way to get involved without leaving home?
Elders Climate Action Needs Your Help

ECA is looking for some talented people to assist in some of the following projects:
  • Writing templates of Letters to the Editor to be used by members
  • Writing letters to local, state and federal elected officials that can be used by members
  • Writing short articles for our newsletter and webpage
  • Joining our Social Media team to help post on Facebook and Twitter.

If you would love to help with any of these please let us know at info@eldersclimateaction.org and we will get you started with all the tools you need.
Join Us!
Tuesday, February 26, 2019
7:00 PM (ET) | 4:00 PM (PT)

Speaker to be announced. Please watch for National Call email Bulletin for more information.

If you are unable to attend the National Call, RSVP and we'll send you the recording.
Send a Letter to Incoming and Returning Members of Congress.
We've created a new letter to Members of Congress for 2019, urging their immediate action on climate change. All you need to do is add your contact info, personalize the message, if you wish, and hit send. It's that easy!

Check out our selection of letter templates to contact Federal and State elected representatives, businesses and corporations, and your local media.
Join Us for Climate Tea & Talk
Join us for monthly casual climate conversations and talk with other elders about the climate issues that matter most to you.

Second Tuesday of Each Month
6:00 PM (ET) | 3:00 PM (PT)