Changes come, some big, some small, and we have 3 to impart to you...

January 30th, 2016
New Year, New organization!   
Its the beginning of 2016 and to kick it off we are making 3 big announcements!
We're getting a
 new name!
TYC is now going to be RESCQU NET!

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We're having a
 logo contest!
To go with the new name we need a new logo.

Looking for our 
next leader.
Our CEO is moving on so  we need a new leader!

 1. We are Re-Naming the Organization renaming
We are plenty excited to announce as we have been planning for the past year to re-brand our organization to match the community we have represented and hope to support moving into the future.  

We have decided to rename ourselves RESCQU NET standing for:
Volunteer submitted design.
Volunteer submitted design for the logo contest.

R - Resources
E - Empowering
S - Stealth
C - Closeted
Q - Questioning and 
U - Under-Resourced people  on the


Why are we doing this? 
Over the past several years TYC has been gradually moving toward a more specific seat speaking for and on behalf of those who have been unable to accees resources nearest them because of private hurdles and issues people face as a result of not being out.  

We have begun to see ourselves more as a bridge and conduit that allows these people to get the resources a little easier from other organizations and begun acting as such. But there has been immense confusion as to who we serve with the Trans* Youth moniker saying we only represent transgender youth.  This is no longer true.  And as a result we felt the need to re-brand ourselves more trully to the name. 

We hope that this transition will help others access our resources safer, and with greater understanding for what we as an organization do. We hope you like it, but we are an organization for the community, so if not, please tell us by emailing us at!

2. Help us with our new look!  contest

To commemorate our name change to RESCQU NET we will be hosting an art contest to make a new logo that fits our community! 

The contest will be happening 
Volunteer submitted logo design for the contest.
over a 2 month period and the 
winner will be decided on March 30th! 

To learn more read the criteria below:

Selection Method: 
  1. Logo selection will be based on vote.
    The first 50% of choices will be selected by the board of directors based on criteria below.
  2. Of the 50% of logos left, a public vote will go out with all of the logos represented in a survey. The top 3 logos will proceed to the next round.
  3. The board and internal volunteers will meet to discuss the logos and our concerns or modifications to the logos based on criteria. Then a graphic designer will work with the 3 potential artists to improve and update the logo in preparation for a final vote.
  4. A final vote will be held for the public to pick the logo they like. The winning artist will receive: 
    1. A 100 dollar 1 time commission for their logo.
    2. They can design the header-image, and the visual website design along with a web design team.
    3. A Letter of thanks and recommendation letter developed by the CEO for use in professional contexts. 
    4. A prize of their choice valuing equal to or less then $50 from the organization. 
    5. We will potentially discuss a 1 year commission contract with you for more artwork (that means income!). S ubject to both parties.


A successful logo should fit the following criteria: 
  1. Must be appropriate and attentive of all minorities and appropriate for all ages.
  2. Your logo must be submitted as either a .png, .jpg, .svg, or .gif and under 20 MB in size and sent to
  3. In the 1st and 3rd steps the board will select logos based on their: 
    1. Relevance to the new Name of the organization
    2. Reflection of the organization's mission statement as seen on the website.
    3. Attention to the design as detailed by the elements and principles of design in art (no technical prowess will be judged)* 
    4. Whether it has a greater chance of developing relationships with our community as recognizable and viral. Your logo should be able to encapsulate a brand.

* A Note on criteria: WE WILL NOT JUDGE BASED ON WHETHER YOU DRAW WELL! We want this to be open to anyone and you will be working with a graphic designer in later stages of the process to ensure technical skill does not get in the way of you contributing to this cause. 

3.  We are looking for a New CEO!  ceo
For the past 5 years Samantha Logan has been a dutiful CEO.  She has seen us through a lot of struggles to get where we are now, but after attaining a bachelors in Communication she will be moving on to a new role in the organization and life. 

To honor her commitment to Trans* Youth Channel and RESCQU NET, we are looking for her successor before she leaves on July 30th, of 2017!  If you or someone you know feel you might fit the bill please apply now and take the reigns for RESCQU NET from now on!
Learn what our CEO has done for us and honor her transition by donating!

View the Job Description 

Apply Now! 
Email your resume and cover letter to 

All inquiries go directly to Samantha.