We're officially landowners!
We need your help to build!
Great Valley Community Center
February 21, 2019
The Great Valley Community Organization, represented by MacElree Harvey, Ltd., has purchased 7 acres of ground at 51 North Bacton Hill Rd., Malvern from the Great Valley School District for $959,000.00. Following subdivision approval from the East Whiteland Township, GVCO has recorded the deed and taken ownership of the property.
  • GVCO took ownership of the property on Bacton Hill Road on February 21st and will now begin the process of building a brand new 41,000 square foot GVCO community center. When the doors open in early 2020, it will be a state of the art, world-class facility. We will not get the necessary financing to complete the project without raising additional funds.

engage. encourage. empower.
  • Please continue to engage neighbors and community members, encourage them to support our capital campaign, and empower them with information and testimonials. Our campaign website has a new look for 2019 and will feature project progress updates as they occur.
  • We want to reengage you and encourage you to display our "Give a little, GET A LOT!" yard signs as we empower the entire Great Valley community to make a difference and contribute to the new community center. To date, GVCO has raised just under $2 million in cash and pledges. Our immediate goal is to raise an additional $1 million!

"Give a little, GET A LOT!"