Nov. 30, 2018 

We're on the Brink of Launching
A Groundbreaking Health Plan
If you Were Part of Underwriting, Now is the Time to Commit. 
If you Missed the Deadline, There's One Last Chance to Join. 
Every journey begins with a first step, and we've taken a momentous one. American Pharmacies received enough employee data from our member pharmacies to secure underwriting and coverage rates for an APRx-sponsored group health insurance plan to start Jan. 1, 2019. We are now at a critical enrollment  juncture that will shape the size and future of this health plan.

For our plan to become a reality and commence coverage on Jan. 1, United Health Care requires that 75% of the 400 employees in the October underwriting group actually enroll in the plan for 2019. American Pharmacies has delivered on its pledge to bring a strong plan offering to you with highly competitive rates -- Now is the time for those in the initial group to commit to this plan by enrolling and help APRx lay a strong foundation for future plan offerings that will only get better over time.

Though the initial  rates are attractive and very competitive, there is far more at stake here than current benefits and costs. You will help APRx lay a strong foundation for future success
by being part of the initial group:
  • As the covered group grows in size with each successive year, premiums will rise at a lesser rate and perhaps even decrease as the risk is spread across an ever-larger group. 
  • When the plan reaches sufficient size, we can create a self-funded arrangement and assume financial responsibility for claims payments, administrative costs and reinsurance. This would lower premiums even more. 
  • When the plan achieves this self-funded status, APRx will have more input on benefit design and coverage details, meaning we can help shape the plan to better meet our group's characteristics and needs. Most notably, we would be positioned to form a community pharmacy preferred PBM benefit.  
  • You will empower American Pharmacies' commitment to find and deliver the best benefits and savings to its members.
"We are at the precipice of achieving a monumental achievement with this insurance offering," APRx President Mike Gohlke said.  "I am asking you all to take a leap of faith even if the costs of the initial offering are close to your current premiums. This is the greatest opportunity we have to control our health-care costs. Your commitment will jump-start this initiative and help us achieve even greater savings with self-funding in the future. Please look beyond this year and take that leap of faith. This will be big for you and our organization down the line."

Take a look at the attached  coverage details and premiums and if you are interested in joining the plan for 2019, submit your employee census data no later than 5 p.m. on Wednesday,  Dec. 5. If you get your employee data in by that time, your employee group can be included in the plan and will be covered beginning Jan. 1. You can submit your completed employee census form to Rick Goebel

If you need more information about the group plan, we have a Q&A document that explains it in more detail . If you have any questions about coverage features, current or future premiums, the enrollment process or terminating your current insurance contract, please contact Tim Miller of USI Insurance Services: | 817-361-4383 (office) or 817-308-4350.


Your APRx Board

Mike Muecke, R.Ph.
Alton Kanak, R.Ph.  
Vice Chairman
Joe Ochoa, R.Ph.
Lynn Everett, R.Ph.     
Steve Hoffart, Pharm.D.
Vance Oglesbee, R.Ph.
Bruce Rogers, R.Ph.