We have been a summer tradition for decades and like you, we've been feeling the void. Despite the Festival being cancelled, we have a lot going on this month!

We've been brainstorming different ways to support our members and still give Manitobans a chance to experience and learn about the diverse communities that make up our city - and it's all right here in this month's Llama Tales!
Introducing the Cultural Preservation Fund
The Folklorama Cultural Preservation Fund was established to align with our mandate of celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding. This fund will provide Folklorama members access to funds to support their ongoing or new projects that celebrate, educate, promote, and preserve culture.

Every year, member cultural organizations will have an opportunity to apply for a grant. The grants will have to align in the following areas for youth up to age 25:
-Supports a child to learn cultural dance
-Supports a child to take language classes
-Supports youth travelling to national and international festivals and competitions
-Supports educational programs such as summer youth camp that focuses on teaching ethno-cultural diversity
-Provide support to existing or new scholarship programs
Get to know your city and win great prizes!
Take your family and friends on an ethno-cultural adventure of a lifetime from Sunday, August 2 - Saturday, August 15! We asked our members to share with us local businesses or sites that hold a special place in their heart. With their submissions, we put together a curated list of "Folklorama Favourites" and on-site challenges for foodies and explorers!

Those who participate in the Folklorama Favourites Scavenger Hunt will automatically be entered to win fantastic prizes!
"Why We Do It" presented by Cambrian Credit Union
Many communities that we work with around the city depend on the revenue generated from the Festival to pay rent, allow youth to take dance or language classes, and preserve their culture in a myriad of initiatives.

Follow along with us on our social media channels from August 2 - 15 to hear from our member communities as we tell the story of Why We Do It.
Join in CIOFF's 50th anniversary celebrations!
Join in the celebration on Saturday, August 8th! Take part in interactive live virtual dance and music workshops hosted by cultural artists, including our own Shanley Spence and La Troupe Jeunesse de l'ensemble folklorique de la riviere-rouge!
Folklorama Tales
These stories belong to you. They highlight the people of Folklorama, the driving force behind what makes this community so special. Do you have a Folklorama story to share? Send yours to cwright@folklorama.ca today.
Chai Folk Ensemble: United in Music & Dance
In the early 1960’s, Sarah Sommer was involved in youth activities throughout the city of Winnipeg, including Israeli folk dance. Celebrating culture through dance inspired her, and she became determined to form her own dance group. In 1964, the Chai Folk Ensemble was established with...(Keep reading)
Local Supporting Local: Signcraft Display
During those first two weeks in August when you’re driving your usual route and you spot a branded feather flag waving outside of the community centre, church, or school and you’re reminded of the great pavilion that lives there, think of Signcraft Display. Signcraft Display is a family owned business that has been working closely...(Keep reading)
Bring the spirit of Folklorama to your event this fall!
We're bringing the spirit of Folklorama to backyards, daycares, and care homes at over 30 different shows this August! While our calendar is looking full this month, you can now book your At Home, At Work or At School events into the fall!
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