We are Reopening the Salon on May 12th!

Over the past two weeks since we got the greenlight to reopen the store from the State, we have been on the phone with many of you! We did our best to reach out to those that have waited the longest, and return as many messages as possible. I cannot begin to explain what a monumental task this was.

Beginning Tuesday May 12th we will go live with the phones and booking appointments going forward. When we reopen on Tuesday, please be patient with us, as we will be doing our best to concentrate on the day's grooming appointments.

If you are calling to request a grooming appointment with a specific groomer, you will be asked to leave a message for them so they can return your call THAT DAY.
We want our groomers to concentrate on grooming and safety Best Practices first.

We will be doing our best to concentrate on incoming appointments first at the front counter. If you leave a phone message, we will return your call THAT DAY. Please bear with us as this is a learning curve for all of us!


Nail Trims - We will gladly trim your dog's nails, but
by appointment only.
We have to do this at time when less people are in the store to maintain occupancy maximum and 6ft distancing. Typically after 3pm or Sunday

SELF SERVE BATHING is only open on SUNDAY! Please call ahead to confirm availability, as we can only use two at a time.
The Self Serve is closed at all other times.

When dropping your dog off for an appointment, please observe the following procedure:

  • Only two clients at a time in the store please, to maintain proper 6ft of social distancing. Please maintain appropriate distancing if you have to wait outside.
  • The staff greatly appreciates and politely requests that you wear a facial covering.
  • Please do not use a flexi leash if possible.
  • You will be asked to transfer your dog from your leash/collar to one of our kennel leads. These are sanitized after every use.
  • Please hook your dog to one of the leash clips at the counter, and take your dogs collar and leash with you.
  • Your groomer will then go over your dog with you, and we will confirm your phone number.
  • If you are feeling ill or have been recently exposed to someone with Covid19, please call us and reschedule your appointment.

If you consider yourself in the high "At Risk" category, please pull into a parking spot on arrival, and call us. We will explain the procedure and
happily come out to you.
For your dog's safety, we prefer to transfer pets in the store's lobby.

What are you doing to ensure a safe environment?

Diggitty Dogs is complying with all standards and best practices recommended by the State of Ohio. These include:

  •  Daily health assessment of all employees including temperature checks.
  •  Face masks in use as required by the State.
  •  All grooming stations are thoroughly sanitized after each dog.
  •  Frequent contact surfaces, counters, door handles pens, computer are sanitized between clients or hourly depending on use.
  • Maintaining 6 ft of distance between employees or utilizing barriers
  • Curbside dropoff/pickup is available for "At Risk" clients.

THANK YOU to all of you! We appreciate your patience and understanding as much of these processes are new to everyone.
We have sincerely missed all of our clients and their dogs, and look forward to seeing you in the coming days!

Ruth & Damon Apel
Diggitty Dogs Salon

Diggitty Dogs Salon
5160 Wallings Rd
North Royalton, OH 44133