We're just $2,600 away from our goal ...
can you help us get there?
THANK YOU to our generous supporters and volunteers. We'd love to see you join this group!
"I give to CRC because it provides a wonderful service to the community for people who are otherwise underserved, especially to the homeless and seniors."

- David and Leticia Fleming,
long-time CRC volunteers
"I give to CRC because I love to make others happy."

- Elder Stegman,
Food & Nutrition Center volunteer
"I give to CRC because of the people I see in our Food Distribution Center every day."

- Lew Shender,
CRC Executive Director
Will you help over 6,000 people in need receive warm coats, blankets, food, and a few gifts to brighten the holidays during Holiday Baskets?
If you have already given, THANK YOU!
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