March 2019
A Note from our Executive Director

Dear friend,

Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much.” IVYP has an ambitious vision. We envision a community one in which all children are loved, valued and respected and all families are empowered to reach their highest potential. We can’t do that alone. That vision requires an entire community to work together.

Two weeks ago, almost 40 community leaders from across the Goleta Valley came together to build relationships with one another in order to find avenues for collaboration. Together, community members from schools, non-profits, city, and the business community are talking about what a resilient, healthy community looks like. These efforts have already begun to bear fruit. Our most recent partnership with Equalitech is bringing computer literacy to families both at the Goleta Valley Community Center and in the Isla Vista Community Room.

I’m proud that IVYP is convening this group and I look forward to sharing more of that work with you in the coming months.

Lori Goodman
Executive Director
Save the Date - LEAP with IVYP!
IVYP's First Annual LEAP Awards is right around the corner!

On April 30th at 11:30am we will be honoring Dr. Liz Barnitz and Jon Clark with the first LEAP awards for their incredible contributions to our community. More information and ticket options will be available soon.

Hope to see you there!

Parenting Classes Build Healthy Connections

On March 6th our Family Resource Center launched a 10 week co-parenting course offered in Spanish and free of charge to couples. Some of the topics tha t will be discussed are: parenting as a team, building trust and child bonding, and overcoming relationship challenges like distance and stress after becoming parents. Not only does this help build parental resiliency but also creates healthy social connections with other families.

For more information about future classes contact Ana Maya - (805) 869-3303

Staff Spotlight - Amber Favela

"All my favorite teachers were very happy, understanding, patient, caring and creative. They could turn a story into multiple activities and crafts for kids to create a theme. That's what really inspired me. Their creativity is something that I carry with me and use often in my classroom. "

Read more here

The Protective Factors - Relationships

IVYP's goal is to strengthen our community one family at a time. One of the evidence based strategies we use to achieve this is the Protective Factors Framework which is comprised of 5 core strategies to build resiliency in families. This month we'd like to dive in to one of the protective factors - relationships. Having strong social connections not only can help you feel more supported and less isolated but can also open you up to new parenting strategies to use with your little ones.

Harvest of the month

Each month we share a healthy, easy and affordable recipe to try that highlights ingredients you can get at our monthly food distribution on the first Thursday of every month. This month we are highlighting artichokes ! Artichokes are coming into their peak season and we couldn't be happier! Artichokes are rich in fiber and protein, which make them a great addition to any meal. Here is an easy to follow guide on how to properly cook and eat whole artichokes.

Read the full recipe here!
Get Involved with IVYP
Spend time in the classroom. Our Children's Center, infant care, and after school elementary programs all love to have volunteers come to spend time with the children.
To learn more call Liz at
Help feed our community by volunteering at our monthly food distribution. Next opportunity to help is Thursday, March 7!
To learn more call Ana at
Ready to roll up your sleeves? Our sites are always in need of helping hands! We have projects ranging from painting, to yard clean up.
To learn more call Juan at
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