GrassRoots Meats Newsletter

February 2021

Better Late than Never!
Well, in my former life I was very punctual with my newsletter, but how life does change. A life altering event forces us all to adjust our priorities, and juggling and prioritizing my responsibilities has altered a thing or two.

That being said, the groundhog saw his shadow here today, for sure, and so I guess that means 6 more weeks of winter. In some ways it has seemed to be a really cold winter, but if we look back at winters past it has been a mild one. We have only had one night below 0 that we know of which qualifies it as a not so cold winter. When we first moved here 9 years ago we had a couple of weeks of sub zero temps, going as low as -35. So when we take that into consideration we have nothing to complain about. We have received a fair amount of snow, but we are still in a severe drought and need lots more moisture before summer if we are going to have a good stand of grass this year.

Allan had 3 more stints put in the middle of January and is recovering nicely. He is back to working around the ranch (can't keep a good man down!) and while he tires after a few hours, in the winter a few hours is often enough to get everything done that needs to be done. There is always a long list at the end of any day that still needs to be worked on, but I guess that is life.

On a sadder note, our grandson, Kyler (18), completely tore his Achilles tendon the second day of basketball practice and is out for the season. He is an especially talented athlete and basketball is his sport of choice. This is his senior year, so you can only imagine how disappointing this is for him. We had envisioned that he might be offered a basketball scholarship for college, but any hopes for that are highly unlikely now. Not a really big deal, though, since he is not fond of school and looks forward to getting out.

Not to mention that he now can't help Allan on the ranch - at least for a while. The injury will take months and months to heal completely. And wearing an irrigation boot over the top of the medical boot is impossible. Can you only imagine that he would step in a pile of cow dung with his cast? Not a pretty picture. So it is a very good thing that Allan is on the mend, because those darn animals still insist on being fed.

We can already feel the weather starting to change, moving more towards spring. Actually moving right into mud season! February and March tend to be our wetter months (a very good thing) but with that comes constant mud (a very bad thing). For those of you who live in a home surrounded by asphalt and concrete, count your blessings. While I still don't want to live in a development again, I can say for sure that the muddy spring makes me scratch my head as to why I love this life. However, the good definitely outweighs the bad, so here we are planted and here we will stay. It's all good, as they say.
Garden Update
The greenhouse is all settled in for a long winter's night. I like being able to take a break from the gardening, but come February I am already thinking about what I am going to plant, analyzing my mistakes from last year, and deciding what direction I want to go this year. I have already decided to cut back some and try to keep it all a little simpler. Some things did well where I planted them last year, and some did not. Do I plant those again, or maybe not plant them at all? Now that is the question. I am definitely giving up on Brussel sprouts. They just don't ever produce before our growing season is over. Oh well, that's okay. We can only eat so many Brussel sprouts anyway.

Figuring out what does well in the greenhouse, and what does better outside, is a constant challenge. It gets awfully hot in the greenhouse mid summer which hurts some things, and causes others to thrive. Oddly enough my kale loved the greenhouse but my melons did not thrive. I really think they did not get pollinated, which is a whole other problem that I just can't think about right now. Tried hand pollinating but if you have ever tried that, you will probably agree that is not a very promising way to grow vegetables. Anyway, more on the garden as the months roll on.
Meat Supply
We have some really nice lamb and pig halves and wholes available, as well as 20 and 40 pound shares of ground beef. And plenty of organic chicken, as well as Beeler all natural cuts of pork. If you haven't tried the Beeler bacon, it is truly the best ever. We also added breakfast links to the lineup. For those of you who cannot handle a whole or half pig, the Beeler pork line is a really good alternative.

We will be processing a couple more beefs this month. This is your last chance before summer to order up your beef, so don't miss out. The next round will not be available till the end of June. We have gotten good feedback on the beef from this past season and are always trying to improve the quality of our beef breeding program.

No luck yet on finding a USDA processor so that we can provide cuts again, but have not stopped looking. Keep checking the website and this newsletter as I will let you know as soon as something opens up.
February Specials
In Closing . . .
The election is over but the controversy never ends. While it was a victory for some, for others we are licking our wounds and wondering where our country is headed. We have all benefitted from a thriving economy for four years and are a little anxious that it might all be coming to an end. For Allan and me, preserving our rural way of life with its may freedoms is our utmost priority, but knowing how to do this appears elusive. We so want for our children and grandchildren to be able to enjoy the opportunities that we had, but preserving capitalism and entrepreneurship could be very challenging as we move forward. In all of this we must remind ourselves that God is in control and this nation was founded on faith in Him, and faith in each other. We hope and pray that the best is yet to come.

God bless you all, and thank you so very much for your prayers for Allan, and for me. We are so grateful to call you friends.

Lois & Allan
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