We're still here for you!
In order to remain a Safe and Welcoming Church, we are offering two opportunities for worship every Sunday. We will continue to pre-record our services in the sanctuary, or join us in person, weather permitting, at our beautiful outdoor Harting Chapel at 9:30 a.m. Please follow our safety guidelines below. You may also remain in the comfort of your car, and listen to the service through your FM radio! Cancellations will be announced on the website, Facebook, and the church voice mail.


Now that our county is in “Green”, we hope you will join us for outdoor services on Sunday morning at 9:30 am in the Harting Chapel (at the top of the hill above the cemetery).
We are making every effort to provide a safe and welcoming worship experience.

If you are not comfortable in the outdoor group setting just yet, please join us via our online service. Services will continue to be pre-recorded and made available on Sunday morning through Vimeo, YouTube and Facebook.

For everyone’s safety we ask that you abide by a few simple rules:

Masks will be required by all attendees while around and in the chapel area.

Observe social distancing at all times…that means a minimum of 6 feet between you and the next person (family members being the exception).

Upon arrival, please park in the field where rows of cars have been started. Allow any families nearby to exit their vehicles and make their way towards the entrance before exiting your vehicle. 

Families will be highly encouraged to all enter at the same time (no stragglers) so that they can be seated together.

If you need to drop someone off closer to the chapel entrance, you may do so; however, that individual will be seated near the entrance and will wait for your entire party to all enter at the same time.

Please enter and exit through the main gateway entrance to the chapel.

We will be taking attendance at every service (names and phone numbers) for contact tracing, should the need arise. We will also be taking a photo/video record of attendees as a back-up. These attendance records will be deleted once no longer needed.

Ushers, consistory members and members of the safety team will be on hand to assist you in every way. As you enter you will be given a bulletin and directed to the benches or other seating areas. The bulletin will also be available on our website and can be printed at home if you are more comfortable doing so.

We encourage everyone to bring their own camp chair. Plenty of seating area will be available.

Some benches will be marked and/or roped off to create distancing between seats.

We will be directing people to appropriate seating areas and helping to ensure distancing.

While there will be plenty of music, and special quests, we will not be SINGING as a congregation, nor will you have any spoken parts within the service; meaning we will not be speaking the RESPONSIVE READINGS or PRAYERS.

Offering will be taken at the entrance/exit; offering plates will not be passed during the service.

There will be no passing of the peace.

Communion, when applicable, will be provided in a disposable, self-contained individual serving for each attendee.

Restrooms will be open in the church near the social hall before and after the service. Please enter through the center office door closest to the restrooms.

We will allow cars with handicapped to drive in from the back/top – we can accommodate up to 5 or 6 cars. 

Hand sanitizer and extra disposable masks will be made available.

At the close of the service, ushers will dismiss the congregation section by section and row by row. Please make your way back to your car so that we can get everyone dismissed in an orderly fashion while social distancing.
We look forward to seeing you once again this Summer, and we appreciate your help in keeping the safety of others in mind during our services. Together, we will get through this.