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Global E-Services Weekly newsletter feature stories on their way this Holiday Season and for the New Year (2021)

To all members, welcome to your new Global E- Services club.

As we approach the New Year we wish the best of Season's Greetings to all our respondents, guests and friends who have been loyal to us throughout 2020.

As promised there are some "repeating" feature stories on the way from "SkyeBlue" either following previous releases or expanding on topical points or following new developments in our association's agenda items or themes.

Plse. note the following in future:
1) Bio-Kerosene from sugarcane and marine seagrass. This comes up Dec. 06 2020 Issue 6.
2) Social enterprise as not-for-profits arising as a trend to both up end native causes as well as communities regards socio-cultural issues in our various societies.
3) Immuno-health and well-being with functional amino acids (FAA) feeding for both farm, remote, and feral live-stock.
4) Neurological health and welfare of farmed livestock via "futuristic" endocrinological interventive therapies - undoubtedly controversial but of great intellectual interest at "SkyeBlue" at this time.

Send us your feedback and thanking all our respondents who have already or will submit their comments or questions to the club as private individuals.

It is expected that we respect each other's propriety and privacy including all rights and privileges held accord-ing to copyright.

Our Dec. 06, 2020 Issue 6 Weekly newsletter is coming out now, as we speak!
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