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An Update: New Developments for our "DT" MiniProtein Reader Research.

This is a "rebroadcast" of earlier news on the "DT" front regards proposed research for an electrophoretic mini-reader in a Kit in the way of a high- powered diode laser.

We have connected (a first at "Skye-Blue") with a practitioner entrepreneur based in SG (ASEAN) of the KMP Group (SG) (they are also supposedly located in Australia), in turn of the SALIM GROUP (Indonesia) regards our affair with the mini-protein reader using our exclusive proprietary dye-tagging detergent ("DT") with PAGE electrophoresis and have heard the news that their original MINIPCR for DNA kit will be manufactured from SG with Ampylus of Boston MA USA until end of next year and at that time may consider taking up our exclusive offer of perhaps designing a minireader and manufacturing it together with the completed kit items, viz. a major reagent component being the"DT", to be discussed with a large manufacturer also with our exclusive licensing arrangement like BIO-RAD of CA USA, perhaps. The SALIM Group is now successfully using their own MINIPCR DNA reader for various diagnostics like SARSCov2 and ASFV in ASEAN. Hopefully the whole affair with "DT" PAGE with kit will also bear fruit with "SkyeBlue" and any future partners.  

Another note on the "DT" MINIPRO-TEIN READER kit is that we have decided to approach a chemistry physics engineering professor at Kyushu University, of Fukuoka, Japan on enlisting his expertise and supervision to design the READER with a supposed diode laser for absorption spectrometry useful for such applications as fermentation bioprocess and food science. Also, there would be applications to vaccines, enzymes, hormones (e. g. insulin), other biopharma drugs and nutraceuticals.

We are proposing subsidiaries with larger established companies with their umbrellas of HR manpower or expertise and facilities capability in various countries such as Japan, Canada, U.S.A., Mexico and including our principal's home country of the Philippine Islands. 

In addition to the above is additional news we are reporting, gathered earlier from the literature. At "SkyeBlue" we suspect that other parties still use dye staining/blotting and documented imaging using laser readers with both chemiluminescence and with absorption. Cleaver Scientific Ltd. of the U. K. is currently fielding chemiluminescence as a detection method.

We at "SkyeBlue" have started the journey or intent to network and connect with a chemist/physics engineer to design the diode laser unit for reader chassis with software/hard-ware and we have an open promise to get back to the KMP group to produce or manufacture such a design if they choose to do so in future.

Partnering it is announced with "SkyeBlue" on any of these ventures will require pre-licensing with the said manufacturer, and for marketing and distribution, albeit, the chemical dye- tag detergent, as formulated, needs to be performed in terms of synthesis and testing at the lab bench while this author will help facilitate the preparation of the MS to report its successful synthesis and electrophoretic use in the organic chemical published literature.

Interested parties are welcome to make further queries and other requests for information on this projected venture with "SkyeBlue."
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