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E-Services - more ways than one in the New Year 2021

To all members, welcome to your new Global E- Services club.

As we approach the New Year we wish the best of Season's Greetings to all our respondents, guests and friends who have been loyal to us throughout 2020.

As we enter the next Season in 2021 we hope a post-COVID19 year will happen before our very eyes with new hope and recovery!

We plan to institute more personal e-mailings via attachments scanned custom-made for each reader or set of readers savings tons of bills in postage charges from our end. We're installing a portable scanner as we speak!

And expanding on our web-based research we plan to further engage our production operations with printers with more products under our exclusive: brochures & cards, web docs, e-mail marketing docs, tech docs, refereed docs and even copyrighted correspondence between Principal and members in our group.

This opens up our mail order (M. O.) business at a remote physical location or mail station that can handle and serve as a mail drop for our purposes as a club or association. Our proprietary Info-Paks(R), and soon to come, larger format Infomercial-Paks (R) will soon be leaving the gates of "SkyeBlue" with new, fresh ideas for one and all!

Another big "ticket item" is campaign-ing for operational/research/ working grants including agencies within provincial government bounds and federal, if these are accessible at this time to us.

Remember you can unsubscribe at any time to any or all of our emailed messages from our subscribers list.

It is expected that we respect each other's propriety and privacy including all rights and privileges held accord-ing to copyright.

Our Dec. 06, 2020 Issue 6 Weekly newsletter is coming out now, as we speak!

Greetings we send to all techies and investment scouts, an interest we would all cultivate and share with one another in this expectant time of recovery.
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