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Social media is of course also down our alley through messaging and postings there on our personal pages. We are currently on and And look up our major "SkyeBlue" contact on the Irish-based

We hope you find each featured story of scientific merit and of practical value to both the scientific community and different industrial sectors we share with in order to continue the innovative process at "SkyeBlue" together with other inventive professionals.

Our features subsume the need to alert future "techies" and "investment scouts" on all stories we commit to at "SkyeBlue" with human resource development and social business enterprise, in mind.

We will feature stories on the latter topic at a later date in our Weekly newsletter as we consult between the scientific community, various industry sectors we cover and the public-at-large on issues around sustainable development goals (SDG) and social enterprise or entrepreneurship as we develop communities including the issue of technology development of and transfer to our own regional life sciences hubs.

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Our Nov. 29, 2020 Issue 5 Weekly newsletter is coming out now, as we speak!
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