July 11, 2018
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Wage and Benefit Survey Deadline July 20th!
Participating in the 2018 Wage + Benefits Survey will help you gain invaluable insights to stay competitive in your local labor marketplace. Receive a complimentary copy {$250 Member Value} for your participation. The report includes both regional and national data covering specific industry wages sorted by metropolitan area, region, and company size to evaluate how your company compares. It also provides specific data on all employee benefits with great detail! This year's report will be available in the Fall of 2018.
Konica Minolta to National Buying Program
Printing Industries of America (PIA) is pleased to announce the addition of Konica Minolta Business Solutions to its National Buying Program. Building on the existing partnership of the two organizations, Konica Minolta will now offer considerable discounts to PIA members on more than two dozen of its bizhub and Accurio digital production printers.
Upcoming Revisions to Hawaii’s Hazardous Waste Regulations
EPA has  proposed  to authorize Hawaii’s request to revise the state’s hazardous waste regulations. Here are  some  of the proposed changes:
  • Hawaii will adopt the solvent contaminated wipes rule, and will require their containers to be marked with an accumulation start date
  • Spent lead acid batteries will have to be managed as universal waste, unless they are sent for regeneration
  • EPA exemptions for used oil processors related to emergency equipment and aisle space were not adopted
  • Reporting requirements for emergency incidents apply not only to hazardous waste, but also hazardous secondary materials, transporters of used oil, used oil processors, and TSDFs
  • Universal waste transporters must maintain the same records required for large quantity handlers of universal waste, for their waste shipments
  • Used oil generators must keep records of waste shipments
  • Used oil containers must be kept closed
  • Used oil transporters must make hazardous waste determinations for used oil sent for disposal
  • Generators of hazardous waste must keep a log of their required weekly inspections
  • The State has not adopted EPA’s standard hazardous waste facility permit, nor the Academic Laboratory alternative standards
  • Electronic items may be managed as universal waste
Wellness Programs
If your company offers a large incentive to participate in a wellness program at work, it may be violating federal law. A federal court has now vacated the EEOC rule that allowed a 30% premium increase (self-only) to be assessed against people who don’t participate in a company’s wellness program. As of January 1, 2019, the 30% rule is no longer an option, and the EEOC does not expect to issue a new rule until 2021. What does that mean for employers? Reconsider wellness programs that require medical screenings and questions about weight or medical conditions (such as diabetes or depression) that are linked to incentives such as premium discounts or rebates. Programs can offer either medical screenings OR premium incentives/penalties—they just can’t offer them together.
E-STOPs need Functional Testing
This photo shows an e-stop that is disconnected from the wiring of the machine! It is not clear how this occurred, but it is strongly recommended to check all e-stops and other safety devices on a regular basis.
If someone were to ask you when was the last time you checked e-stops and other safety switches and devices such as interlocked guards, what would your answer be?

As a reminder, all PPI members have access to the EHS services, and it is important to be in OSHA compliance—not only for your employee safety and company security but profitability! We’re here to help.
NEW Technical Hotline Archive
What is the recommended delivery pile temperature for aqueous coating?
Are there industry standards for rework and spoiled work?
How do we print on metalized paper?

Hundreds of questions are asked / answered every year by the PIA Technical Hotline staff. Now you can access a new Tech Archive page full of advice given, sortable by category at https://www.printing.org/tech-archive . And don’t forget that as a member of PPI you have access to ongoing support through the Hotline – Call 800-910-4283 or contact Dillon at dmooney@printing.org . And of course the PPI Staff is always ready to help!
Results of Texting Poll
35% of you communicate with your employees by text. A surprising 45% communicate with customers by text, while 20% of you do not communicate by text with either. Stay tuned for another exciting new poll in our next issue!
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