November 19, 2020
Member News - November 2020
Happy Thanksgiving Members!

We're looking forward to spreading some cheer of our own this month with some user friendly MCC reservation updates, the return of doubles pickleball, a few Giving Week classes, some Cyber Weekend discounts, family fun, Winter brochure release, and more coming your way. Keep reading for all the info!

First up - New Release!
The Winter 2021 Brochure is here!

The MPRD Staff team has been working tirelessly to continue to bring you opportunities in-person and at home. View the full brochure online here!

December 14th - Member Registration for Fitness & Aquatics programs opens!

December 17th - Mansfield Residents who are members begin registration for all other programs/activities Mansfield Residents who are not members of the community center begin registration for all programs/activities

December 21st - Non-residents who are members begin to register for all other programs/activities. Non-resident, non-members begin registration for all programs/activities.
Pool Reservations!
First, a huge thank you to all our members who have embraced reservations over the past several months. Don't get too excited, we aren't totally ready to say good-bye to all reservations, but we're moving a little closer...
Main Pool Reservations
Reservations will be maintained each morning, as this has historically been the busiest time in the main pool.

HOWEVER, as of Monday, November 30th, we will move to a first-come drop-in system starting late-morning. That's right! After the following times each day, reservations are no longer required:

Mon thru Fri 10:30 to close
Sat/Sun 11:30 to close
*Times are subject to change. Check schedules here.

Afternoon cleaning still applies! The Main Pool will continue to be closed from 3:30pm-4:30pm daily.

All swimmers will continue to be asked to limit their swim time.

This drop-in system is being implemented on a trial basis. We certainly are aiming for success, but continue to watch for e-mail updates.
Steps for Success:
  1. Check the schedule! Yes, due to spacing guidance from the health district, lanes will still have specific designations. Check the pool schedule before you come, and know what to expect.
  2. Be flexible. Single lanes are popular, but these will be limited and will be first-come. Are you okay sharing with another swimmer? We thank you for doing so!
  3. Be prepared to wait. Like we said, we're giving this a try. We will allow three members to wait on deck if lanes are full. Others will be asked to return later - plan for a land workout in the Fitness Center just in case!
Therapy Pool Reservations
Sorry friends; the Therapy pool has been consistently booked, with good attendance, and restricted space. We'll be sticking with reservations for now.
Gym Reservations & Pickleball!
Pickleball You Say?
You heard that right!

Doubles and singles Pickleball is again available at the Mansfield Community Center starting Wednesday, December 2nd!

We are excited to offer both singles and doubles Pickleball in the MCC gym despite the Covid-19 challenges, but we need everyone to agree to follow a few safety protocols so that we can operate safely.

Pickleball will be offered on:
Sundays from 11am – 1:30pm
Wednesdays from 5 - 7pm
Fridays from 11am – 1:30 pm.
Times and days are subject to change.

Reservations through SignUpGenius are REQUIRED.
All participants are required to wear masks at all times. This includes during games, sitting waiting for your turn to play, and while using the restroom.

We will provide hand sanitizer for all participants to use. There will also be disinfecting wipes in the gym to clean pickleballs between games.
While waiting to play participants will need to be at least 6 feet apart.

Singles and doubles will be allowed.
Players must have their own paddles.
Looking for Open Gym Use? Drop on in!
Beginning Monday, November 30th, reservations will no longer be required for general use of the gymnasium.

Cleaning closures and class-time closures will still apply. Check the schedule (click the image to the left) or call before your visit. Schedule is updated monthly and is subject to change.

An important use update:
Gym distancing and mask wearing policies:
  • Barricades are not to be moved!
  • Members who reside together can share a court space and remove masks. Maximum 6 family members per court.
  • Members who do not reside together may now share a court space, providing masks are worn at all times. Maximum 3 non-household members to a court. No active games permitted, shooting only, 6 ft. distance must be maintained between players.
Make the Most of Your Membership...
these activities are F-R-E-E Free!
Click each image to enlarge.
Giving Week Returns!
Giving week means FREE classes!
Click for more info!
Decembers Fitness Seminar
is Coming Up!
You coming? Register now!
Fun for Families!
Story & Adventure registration is required.
Don't delay; sign up today!
We're spotlighting our new game sets at the Friday, November 20th Family Fun Night!
Will we see you there?
Check out our Facebook for even more fun!

Follow us today for daily fitness tips, weekly recipes, and Community Center news and fun!
Some more goodies for you...
Stay tuned to our website for information on Cyber Weekend offerings - coming soon!

We'll be doing all sales online this year.

All details will be posted by end of day on Friday, November 20th. Discounts will be available on Community Center Services including fitness flex, personal training, & day pass packs (tell your friends)!

Limited quantities available.

Having a smaller Thanksgiving gathering than usual? Check out these fun recipes from for ideas on ideas for prepping a smaller Thanksgiving meal. This site has recipes and ideas for everything from the bird to dessert, for as few as one! 

In this downer of a year, who isn't ready for some cheer?

New this year is the Tour of Holiday Lights! A collaborative event to spread magic and fun in Mansfield and surrounding towns.

Love to decorate for the holidays? Love a little competition? If you answered yes, and your home is in Ashford, Coventry, Mansfield, Tolland or Willington, then be sure to register your home in this FREE event for a chance to win a gift certificate to a local business in your area!

Register by Friday, December 4th HERE.

Review of light displays starts December 14th.
Click the image to the left for all the details on the fun!

Watch for a map of participating homes, and plan your tour!
Looking to give a little back?
Donate to the
Parks & Rec Fund!
It's that season where many choose to make charitable contributions. Mansfield Parks & Rec and the Community Center are in need! Do you have an RMD you need to meet? Just love the CC? Consider showing you support by making a tax-deductible donation today.
Support the Mansfield Nutcracker!
The magic of the Mansfield Nutcracker is alive and well! This community tradition, a collaboration with Miss Kelly Productions and Mansfield Parks and Recreation, provides an exciting and positive experience, involving youth ages 2-17. Interested in supporting this year’s production? Purchase a special Nutcracker pin or tickets to a movie showing at
And here it is...the October Wall of Fame!
Sue Koo
James Raynor
Jeffrey Schaller
Robert Zering
Daniel Bentivengo
Lenice Drouin
Mark Hamilton
Nicole Pedersen
Sung Koo
Merwin Andrew
Rebecca Aubrey
Haim Bar
Alice Brault
David Corsini
Mark Sheehan
Talia Bar
Patrick Briody
Yu Cheng
Janna Pedersen
Lawrence Oswald
Linda Robert
Michael Stankowski
Jeff Stickles
Amanda Lawrence

Christine Bonacum
Tom Katsouleas
Robert Kremer
Scott Posocco
Joan Sidney
Stuart Sidney
Charles Wilt
Tabitha Anagnos
Mary Andrew
Joseph Hynes
Candace Powers
Nora Stevens
Monica Bock
George Debski
Jeff Frantz
Andrea Friedman
Kyung-Hee Lee
Mate Magyar
William Powers
Anne Rash
Jean Silverio
LouAnn Stankowski
Jun Zhou

Robert Carlson
Shirley DeFlaviis
Moe Heon
David McCrory
Carol McGough
Diane Raccone
Isobel Stevenson
Edward Baxter
Catherine Bean
Desiree Jerrick
Sandra Anglin
Leila Bowen
Maryanne Brustolon
Darren Dale
Julie Drake
Brianne Lanzieri
Donna Young
Paul Barron
Andre Bennatan
Tom Deans
Robert Enright
Katherine Foster-Winton
Jacob Lapierre
Marcella MacDonald
Fred Massicotte
Gabrielle Melamed
Dave Roston
Liqiang Zhang
Jake Baxter
David Bean
Cara Blackington
Robert King
Pat Michalak
John Perley
Cathleen (Petie) Stone
Blair T. Johnson
Blanche Johnson
Milton Levin
John Maher
Margaret Peterson

Joseph Crivello
Maureen Crowley
Jeremiah Dunnack
Gui Hua Estes
Ginny Holihan
Larry Meaike
Joseph Muro
Brenda Noonan
Richard Roberge
Shawn Santasiere
Benecio Starkey
Mary Jo Tryba
Charles A Warinsky
Shannen Aubrey
Fabrice Baudoin
Anna Cranmer
Neil Facchinetti
Ainsley Horan
Tom Horan
James Hurley
Peter Mcdevitt III
Jackson Meshanic
Nicholas Otis
Logan Palmer
Jim Wohl
Kenny Wu
Josiah Anderson
Gene Bowen
Ana Maria Diaz-Marcos
Mary D. Fine
Gage Fiorentino
Mona Friedland
Yadollah Ghiaei
Ryan Harris
Bill Hines
Ben Griffin
Nancy Haley
Wayne Haley
Christina Hartmayer
Kyu-Hwan Lee

Robert Miller
Patricia Peters
Geeta Pfau
Leslie Ricklin
Maeve Sherwood
Alicia Talarico
Robert Beach Jr.
Erin Bradley
Anthony Celotti
Elaine Clark
Laurie Darling
Beth Devine
James Doran
Gideon Hartman
Ilinca Johnson
Robert Johnson
Mary Ellen Junda
Roy Kamphausen
Rhonda Porter
Yvonne Poudrier
Carol Rogers
Stanley Rogers
Roberto Rosado
Steve Sandberg
Nancy Santiago
Byron Schwartz
Colin Sheardwright
Mackenzie Smith
Peter Stevens
David Stone
David Vallee
Jay Zirblis
Pei Zhang
Fitzroy Anderson
Jennifer Beck
Flora (Mickey) Bellman
Marcia Donofrio
Gloria Gerald
Daniel Pierce

Remember to Swipe!
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The "swiper" has returned to it's original home at the Reception desk.
Make sure your face pops up when you swipe in upon arrival!
Members who swipe 10 or more days per month get their name on the "Wall of Fame"!
P.S. Reminder! The Mansfield Community Center is closed Thursday, November 26th.
See you soon!
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