At the heart of our work is the mission to foster healthy relationships. We see this as crucial to a healthy individual, family, society, and world.
Healthy relationships can only occur in the presence of safety and trust. One Circle Foundation acknowledges that in communities everywhere right now, these are absent and there is great pain.
Of our ten core values, the last is, “We recognize the power of our voices.”  

Today we use our voice to state our solidarity with communities of color who have been victimized by institutional racism.

Listening and bearing witness to this pain is a small but crucial step we as individuals and as an organization must take if we’re dedicated to repairing safety and trust. 
The One Circle Foundation community is vast and diverse, and includes remarkable individuals in law enforcement and juvenile justice organizations who are fostering empathy and belonging in their region. As we work towards a more equitable society, we hold ourselves and others accountable for checking implicit biases, actively listening, and committing to allyship. 
Part of that work for us includes a new training – Mitigating Gender and Racial Bias: Intersectionality and Allyship . It will consider the dominant narratives that further disparities in safety, education, physical and mental health, and opportunity for those who live at the intersections of discriminated identities. It seeks to reduce gender and racial bias and to build resilience and effectiveness within organizational culture and youth services. More on that later.

It will take intention and dedication from each of us to restore our relationships with each other following generations of injustice. We challenge ourselves and each of you to be open-eared, self-reflective, and to use our collective and individual voices to facilitate healing.  
In service of connection,
The One Circle Foundation Team