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Did you know that CCCAOE Represents California’s 115 Community College?

Our member colleges are spread across 7 unique regions.  Make sure to check out our website, which includes links to every college in every region .

Our website has up to date information for you regarding all the work being done by CCCAOE.
Our Advocacy Newsroom , Newsletter and Current Action Items , Member Education pages, and more are at your fingertips. We are updating our website regularly as we continue planning future events and collaborate our advocacy for Career Education.

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Leadership Academy Level 1 and 2
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 The value of face-to-face interaction will never go away, but in this current climate having virtual options is a necessary part of the new landscape of events.

We are exploring Virtual options for Breakout Sessions and Early Bird Workshops. Make sure to submit your proposals now. A virtual option has been added to all the proposal forms.
Breakout Sessions:
We have expanded to FOUR Time Blocks.

Early Bird Workshops:
We will also host multiple Early Bird Workshops. These workshops can either be 1.5 hours or 3 hours.

Room Requests:
If you are wanting to connect in a formal meeting space with your teams, request a room. This option is an additional charge to the conference fee and can accommodate your meeting needs including catered food.

Sponsorship: Your Partnership is Key

For Students and Faculty
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It is critical that our organization address issues at the local, state, and federal level impacting our members. We believe in consistent lobbying and grassroots advocacy that produces support for the importance and relevance of Career Education.

FACCC is a vital advocacy organization for California Community Colleges.  FACCC is the statewide professional membership association that advocates solely for all California Community College faculty. Make sure you get their Action Alerts and u se their Advocacy Tools to find:
"Be vigilant locally"
These tools will help you know who to reach out to in their area.
Why we do what we do
These stories highlight the difference Career Education makes and celebrates those that make it happen. Featured Story excerpt:

‘A Whole Different Attitude’:
Yuba College Nursing Program Stresses Support, Persistence

"One of the basic fundamentals of nursing is the concept of triage: How, in high-stakes moments, to sort patients by medical priority and develop on-the-fly plans to treat them. It’s how busy emergency rooms manage high-volume surges, and in essence, it’s the underlying philosophy that organizes the life of a nurse. But what if the same philosophy were employed to support nursing students? Or, for
that matter, any kind of student? Years ago, the thought occurred to Yuba College Director of Allied Health Clark Smith, and today, he believes it’s what sets his award-winning Nursing program apart." Read the full story
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