We at Binnacle House are so grateful to the amazing people who have come through in our time of challenge. Supporters who give whatever and however they can to help our home-bound boys. Finances are tight for many, but everyone has a gift to share that may have nothing to do with account balances.
Some friends have thoughtfully scheduled a meal for our boys every week or two. Prior to Covid, they'd purchase and prepare all the fixins' for a family-favorite recipe. Taking over our kitchen, visiting chefs beamed as our hungry hoard licked their plates clean in appreciation. With social distancing, those same supporters have figured out a way to keep the kindness coming and now drop off a prepared meal on our front step. Others order us a regular delivery from a local, needy small business. Compound kindness!! We so appreciate those who are undeterred by Corona-challenges and continue to find ways to share their support.
Perhaps your family has filled the hours with board games and outdoor competitions during weeks of confinement? If you've grown tired of the same old games and your gently worn equipment is now underutilized -- we need more diversions, too. Please drop off a croquet or badminton set that's gathering dust. Jenga, Cornhole, Pepsi-Pong...we'll put them all to good use!

Binnacle House has made it easier for those who wish to help in varied ways by creating a single webpage for friends to coordinate support for the boys at Binnacle House. Please click and visit.
Thank you, again, for your generosity and thoughtfulness. Consider forwarding this link to your friends and neighbors. Thank you. https://binnaclehouse.org/covid-19/

Be safe and stay well!