Volume 122 | December 2019
When explaining the characteristics that make whole grains a sustainable choice when compared with other foods, we often talk about the reduced water requirements of grain crops and the fact that many grains, especially ancient grains like millet and teff, are more tolerant of extreme weather conditions. But whole grains also offer an advantage over their refined grain counterparts when it comes to reducing waste. By using the WHOLE grain, rather than discarding the nutritious bran and germ, more of the crop ends up on the table, rather than in the landfill.
We tested 1 cookie recipe with 4 whole grain flours. Here’s our favorite...
Does baking with whole grain flours change your recipe results? To find out, Oldways Whole Grain Stamp manager Abby tested one cookie recipe with five different types of flour—all-purpose, whole wheat, rye, oat, and spelt.

Join Us in Rio for the 2020 Whole Grains Council Conference
Learn about whole grains in the beautiful, sunny city of Rio de Janeiro! Sessions will cover:
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5 Surprising Facts About Modern Wheat
For a ubiquitous staple crop that provides nearly 20% of the world’s available calories, wheat is surrounded by a surprising number of misconceptions. Here are 5 surprising facts about modern wheat that we highlighted at a recent dietitian conference.
Whole Grain Baked Goods
Scones are a great introduction to whole grain baking, as the dough is quite forgiving. This 100% whole grain recipe is made from Kamut®, a type of whole wheat.

Recipe courtesy of Kamut International
Teff flour has hints of chocolatey flavor that works beautifully in banana bread and other baked goods.

Recipe courtesy of Kathryn Boyce
Black olives aren’t just for savory dishes; they can also add richness to desserts as well. Surprise your guests with this fragrant and delicious spice cake, which is further enhanced with the nutty flavor of whole wheat flour.

An Oldways recipe