ISSUE 14 - AUGUST  22, 2018

Sign the petition   on the White House website urging "our government to take a firm stance on this issue and use all leverage to demand immediate release of Oleg Sentsov and other Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia." 

Your participation is important as we need 100,000 signatures   by  September 8, 2018  to get a response from the White House !

Crimean filmmaker Oleg Sentsov has been convicted to 20 years in Russian jail on false charges of terrorism as he opposed Russian annexation of Crimea. Almost three months ago he began a hunger strike demanding the release not for himself, but for all 64 Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia. Oleg's imminent death is rapidly approaching if there's no action as his condition is critical.
European parliament has already appealed to Vladimir Putin for immediate liberation of Oleg Sentsov and others. Now it is time for America to speak up. We urge our government to take a firm stance on this issue and use all leverage to demand immediate release of Oleg Sentsov and other Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia.


UN experts call for immediate release of Oleg Sentsov
UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner, Aug 15, 2018 

GENEVA (15 August 2018) - UN experts called on Russian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Oleg Sentsov while expressing grave concern for his physical and mental integrity.

Oleg Sentsov, a Ukrainian film-maker and outspoken critic of the Russian occupation of Crimea was arrested by Russian authorities in May 2014 and convicted to 20 years imprisonment in a Russian prison, as a Russian citizen, on charges of terrorism. He went on hunger strike three months ago to protest what he believes is the politically-motivated incarceration of 64 Ukrainians in Russian prisons.

The experts called on Russian authorities to ensure that Mr. Sentsov is immediately provided with access to appropriate medical treatment, based on his full and informed consent.

"Sentsov's life is in imminent danger. His hunger strike follows a trial and a conviction that has fallen short of international law. We urge Russian authorities to unconditionally release him as a matter of urgency," the experts said ...    CLICK to read more 

New Europe: what do Ukrainians think?
New Europe Center, July 10, 2018

Ukrainians will consider European integration to be successful if they see improved services in local hospitals, renewed roads in their settlements, while EU membership is not fundamental for most respondents. This was told during the presentation of the opinion poll results on Ukrainians' attitudes towards European integration at the regional level by Alyona Getmanchuk, Director of the New Europe Center, and Olha Stefanyshyna, Director of the Government Office for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration.

In particular, the poll showed that Ukrainians will believe in the success of European integration when they begin to see an improvement in services at hospitals, kindergartens and schools. Nearly 40% of Ukrainians consider this the clearest indicator that eurointegration has reached their oblast. For about 35% of Ukrainians, successful eurointegration will be evident in better transport infrastructure: rebuilt roads, safe and comfortable public transportation. A similar number of those surveyed said that successful European integration would bring new jobs and foreign investors ...  CLICK to read more  


Ukraine in Congress: A Century of U.S. Congressional Support for Ukraine
By Orest Deychakiwsky 

Introduction - Independence 1918 and 1991
It has sometimes been difficult for Ukraine to find international support but a strong argument can be made that Ukraine has had few better friends over the course of the last century than the United States Congress.  This was especially true in the decades leading up to the dissolution of the Soviet Union when Ukraine was a captive nation and a relative unknown in the United States.  It is impossible to take a detailed, comprehensive look at Congress' historic role in one article but I hope to at least give you a sense of the scope of Congressional engagement on Ukraine.  Congressional efforts could be distilled to one word: freedom. It is the unifying theme. In this overview, I will try to briefly give you some sense of the what, when, where and why of Congressional activity vis-à-vis Ukraine.
A century ago, in 1917, a Congressman named James Hamill (D-NJ) introduced a Joint Resolution to proclaim a nationwide Ukrainian Day. And even though Ukraine was then a terra incognita in the United States, the resolution passed and President Wilson proclaimed April 27, 1917 as a day to collect moneys for the aid of the "stricken Ruthenians (Ukrainians)."  As a result of the collection, $85,000 - which is $1.75 million in today's dollars - was collected. Later, a Ukrainian information bureau was established in Rep. Hamill's office, and he was active in trying to obtain U.S. recognition for Ukrainian independence, including through his subsequent December 1918 resolution on the eve of Versailles. But this measure was defeated, given U.S. policy at the time which decidedly did not support Ukrainian national aspirations.  An excellent source on this is Myron Kuropas' book  Ukrainians in America.
Fast forward 72 years later to the Fall of 1991, when a resolution introduced by Helsinki Commission Chair Sen. Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ) and Commissioner Rep. Don Ritter (R-PA) calling for recognition of independence garnered significant support.  It was adopted - as an amendment to a larger piece of legislation - despite a lack of support from the George H.W. Bush Administration ...  CLICK to read more 
Note:  Orest Deychakiwsky is a member of USUF's Board of Directors. 

Chumak Way - Cycling the U.S. & Canada for Peace, 
Promoting the Image of Ukraine 

Cycle journey of the Chumak Way through US&CA in 2018

Chumak Way - Cycle US & Canada for Peace  is a 10,000 km (6,000 miles) North American cycling tour  starting in Los Angeles and ending in Washington D.C.   The Chumak Way team is biking for peace and in support of families and orphans who suffered from war in Eastern Ukraine. Within 100 days 10 Ukrainian volunteers and war veterans will cycle through more than 400 towns and cities of the US and Canada.

Would you like to be a part of this extraordinary endeavor?  Everyone is welcome to meet with the team and join the tour!
We are Chumak Way cyclists - we explore the world and want it to be a peaceful place. The country where we come from - Ukraine - survived two World Wars and is now under attack again. Some of us were at the frontline to defend our country from aggressors. We know it is possible to end war wherever it takes place in the world. We must look for solutions. Together. That is why we bike for peace. [The goal of the tour is to unite Ukrainians around the world, to highlight "innovative" Ukraine," and support those that have been impacted by the war in eastern Ukraine}.

Challenge yourself and cycle the world to encourage peace!

You can join us! Just pick your starting point, pick your distance and let us know!
To join, please contact us at  chumakway2018@gmail.com

Bike for peace - Chumak Way!

We accept donations. Your generous support of the  Chumak Way cycling tour will help families affected by war in Eastern Ukraine and orphans left behind.  

Bike US & Canada with Chumak Way!
                     Bike US & Canada with Chumak Way!
In 2016, the group conducted a cycling tour of Europe  covering 10 thousand kilometers around Europe and running through 16 European countries! 

The purpose was to:  s upport for those who have suffered in the war on Donbas; d raw attention of Ukrainian and world communities to the problem of rehabilitation of "anti-terror" Operation veterans; s olve specific issues: acquisition of necessary medical equipment, rehabilitation of injured and support to the bereaved families; f undraise for the above purposes; r estore of public trust in charity;  and, i mprove Ukraine recognition and image in Europe.   

These events are conducted by the organization "Traverse the World" (Proidy svit). In describing their mission the organizers state: "We are the activists team, that organize interesting sports and research activities in order to collect donations to help people with disabilities. We are working on the popularization of healthy and active lifestyle. We raise the patriotic spirit of the people and improve the image of Ukraine in the world. We want to show by our example that there is always an opportunity to grow and develop by helping others."
CLICK for more info about the team visit

CHECK our Event Calendar next week for DC-related Chumak events 


It's summertime but your generous support for the  Foundation's work is needed and requested!
 A gift at this time will enable us to continue the critically-needed work that we have been doing, such as:

- Providing support through grants, humanitarian aid, educational stipends
- Advocating the need for more U.S. support for Ukraine  

- Serving as a central, convenient location in Washington for numerous meetings and discussions by "policy-makers" regarding the current situation in Ukraine.   The USUF office serves an expanding audience by  also disseminating information through media interviews, the Update newsletter, websites, and social media networks in support of a democratic Ukraine 

- Supporting economic development efforts to "build peace and prosperity" in Ukraine

- Administering people-to-people exchanges for "emerging leaders" of Ukraine.  Through professional and cultural programming in local communities throughout the U.S., USUF impacts the future leaders of Ukraine.

We are very privileged to have the interest, financial support and volunteerism of so many individuals and organizations throughout our 27 year history.   For example, 384 donors contributed  $429,437 in private gifts for our programs in 2017, which represents 72% of all the revenue ($600,000) raised last years!  So your participation is critically-important!  And, many volunteers donated over $250,000 in in-kind, service work supporting USUF's programs.  You can learn more about our operations and programs from our public reports:

To continue and grow our 2018-2019 program support for Ukraine, we seek your generosity in making a contribution today to help the People of Ukraine.  Our Annual Giving Campaign ends August 31 so you will want your gift to be credited for this fiscal year. 

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The Last Missing Piece to Make Ukraine Truly Independent
By Kateryna Kruk, Atlantic Council, August 16, 2018

The head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kyiv Patriarchate Metropolitan Filaret_ Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and his wife Maryna take part in a procession marking the 1030th anniversary of the Christianization of the country, which was then known as Kyivan Rus, in Kyiv, Ukraine July 28, 2018. Mykola Lazarenko/Ukrainian Presidential Press Service/Handout via REUTERS

One of the biggest differences between Eastern and Western Europe is the role of the church. On paper, they are separate, but in Eastern Europe, tradition trumps the law and the influence of the church is immense. In Ukraine, the church is the most trusted institution, which is a good thing, but the fact that one of its strongest branches openly sympathizes with Russia means that the secular world can't choose to ignore this issue any longer. 

Ukrainian religious life is best known for its division between the Kyiv and Moscow Patriarchates. The split took place in 1992 on the grounds that an independent country should have its own church. Since then, there were numerous attempts to unify the church from the inside but the ideological differences seemed too wide. The Kyiv Patriarchate was known for its strong pro-Ukrainian position, while the Moscow Patriarchate was seen as a supporter of " Russkiy mir " ideology (Russian world) and unity between Russia and Ukraine. This stereotypical division was confirmed by the church's reaction to the Euromaidan and the subsequent Donbas war.

The Kyiv Patriarchate strongly ... CLICK to read more

How Corruption Actually Works in Ukraine
By Melinda Haring, Atlantic Council, August 15, 2018

It's standard fare in any article about Ukraine to mention the country's enormous, overwhelming, and everlasting corruption problem. It's also incredibly boring, because hardly anyone has examples or knows how it actually works.

In April, I sat down over coffee and sweets in Kyiv with investigative journalist Oleksa Shalayskiy, editor-in-chief of Nashi Groshi (Our Money), who explained in detail how corruption functions in Ukraine.

Shalayskiy knows what he's talking about. His watchdog organization regularly uncovers examples of corruption that the top anticorruption organizations use in their public crusades ...  CLICK to read more


MadeinUkaineTechStartupEdition  is a monthly podcast series produced and hosted by Mike Buryk, a member of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation's Board of Advisors, a long-time Foundation supporter and business development advisor.    Start listening today ... go to  https://soundcloud.com/ukrainetech/ .

                                                                                               CLICK TO LISTEN
Vimes is a boutique consultancy focused on trade and investment opportunities between Ukraine and UK.

Dmitriy Gilgur , director and founder of the firm, talks about the major activities of the company and its efforts to put Ukrainian tech startups in front of British and EU VC's. 

For additional information, contact Michael Buryk at:  mikeb@mburykassociates.com.

~ In Support of USUF's Economic Development Programming ~


The New York Times Travel Show
January 25-27, 2019 at the Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation Plans to Represent Ukraine, again!
USUF represented Ukraine at the 2017 & 2018 New York Times Travel Shows.
Join us in 2019!

The  2019 New York Times Travel Show will be one of the most successful international celebration of travel, food and culture ever!  Mark your calendars for the 2019  Travel Show, which will take place from January 25 - 27. 
Many of the past exhibitors and sponsors have already indicated they will be reserving their same space and more than 100 new organizations have expressed interest or already signed up to exhibit at the event.  The 2018   Show was one of the most-highly attended Travel Show ever.  The New York Times Travel Show, the largest of its kind in North America, is widely regarded as the "gateway show" for the world's travel destinations wishing to present to the U.S. market.

Note:  The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation welcomes inquiries from travel agencies, hotels, airlines, restaurants, conference centers, etc., for trade show representation. 

For more information:  Contact us! 
Email:  info@usukraine.org    Tel: 202-789-4467


Why You Should Skip Paris And Visit Kyiv
By Rana Good, Forbes, July 18, 2018

When it comes to historic European cities, destinations like Rome, Paris, Prague and Vienna come to mind. However, if you want to visit a city with great architecture, magnificent churches, bustling markets and charming cobblestone streets with significantly fewer tourists, you should consider Kyiv, Ukraine's colorful capital. For contrast, last year 1.6 million people visited Kyiv, versus 83 million visitors in Paris. As a traveler less people means easily accessible landmarks, great transportation and dinners that are tasty but not exorbitant.

Kyiv Ukraine St Andrew's Church. View from above. Image by Shutterstock

To get a central and stunning perspective of Kyiv, book a stay at 11 Mirrors Hotel , a Design Hotel owned by boxing legend Wladimir Klitschko and real estate developer Ruslan Oleksenko. You'll go to bed with and wake up to a panoramic view of the city, in particular St. Volodymyr's Cathedral which is just a short walk away. The friendly concierges will be able to guide you to other nearby landmarks such as the Golden Gate, National Museum of Natural Sciences or National Opera. Another good option is the  Senator Maidan  which features both hotel rooms and apartments and is located close to St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery and the Michael Bulgakov Museum. Both are great launch points to explore the city ... 
CLICK to read more

News from the Ukrainian-American Environmental Association ...


6930 Carroll Avenue, #340; Takoma Park, MD 20912 ...    301-270-6477 x.6
ua_ea@yahoo.com ...   http://usukr-env.org ...    Twitter: Follow @UAEnvAssn

Ukraine and UAE to cooperate in energy efficiency, clean energy and recycling, August 18, 2018 

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to Consider a EUR 150 Million Loan to Norway's NBT for Construction of a 250-MW Wind Farm in Kherson Region 
Ukraine Is Gradually Phasing-In a Transition to a New System of Support for the Development of Clean Energy - in Particular, a System of Auctions for Large "Green" Projects   State Agency of Ukraine on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, August 16, 2018
http://saee.gov.ua/uk/news/2527 (in Ukrainian)  

GEA and GIZ Are Developing a Web Platform for Energy Efficiency Customers and Service Providers in Ukraine to Make It as Easy as Possible for Both to Search for Various Energy - Efficient Services and Projects:
State Agency of Ukraine on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving, August 15, 2018
http://saee.gov.ua/uk/news/2526 (in Ukrainian)

Lithuania's Modus Group Is Investing EUR 30 Million in a New 35 MW Solar Power Park in the Zhytomyr Region of Ukraine - Construction Is Planned for the Second Half of 2019:  Renewables Now, August 14, 2018
https://renewablesnow.com/news/modus-group-to-embark-on-35-mw-solar-project-in-ukraine-623454   and


Ukraine Setting Up an Institute of Professional Energy Auditors - a Prerequisite for the Full Functioning of Laws on Energy Certification of Buildings and the Energy Efficiency Fund of Ukraine :   Ukraine Industrial Portal, by Vitaly Tsarev, August 11, 2018  
http://saee.gov.ua/uk/news/2516 (in Ukrainian)


Kness to Build Solar Panel Factory in Vinnytsia - by Next Year, Factory Will Employ 400 People Annually Producing 200 MW of Panels , Worth $180 million; a Second 200 MW Expansion Is to Follow in 2020:  
Interfax.com, August 9, 2018
https://en.interfax.com.ua/news/economic/523868.html   and
http://uprom.info/en/news/energy/photo-u-vinnitsy-pochali-budivnitstvo-novogo-zavodu-z-virobnitstva-sonyachnih-paneley   and
http://ua-energy.org/uk/posts/u-vinnytsi-pobuduiut-zavod-z-vyrobnytstva-soniachnykh-panelei (in Ukrainian)


Norway's NBT Plans to Build a 250-330 MW Wind Farm at a Cost of at Least $430 Million on 1,320 Hectares Along the Shore of Lake Svyash, Facing Crimea:  
Wind Power Monthly, by Eugene Gerden, August 9, 2018
https://www.windpowermonthly.com/article/1490060/norwegian-developer-build-ukraine-sites   and
https://open4business.com.ua/norwegian-based-nbt-to-build-a-250-330-mw-wind-farm-in-ukraine-kherson-region  and 


Ecology Minister Semerak Confirms Ukraine Plans to Increase Renewable Energy's Share of Electrical Generation to 11% by 2035 - Solar, Wind and Biogas Will Generate 2.7 Billion kWh of Electricity in 2018, or ~2% of Total Energy Consumption:

UkrInform, August 9, 2018

Ten Ukrainian Cities Are Preparing to Participate in the Global Mobilization for Climate Protection in September:
Ukrainian Climate Network, August 8, 2018
http://climategroup.org.ua/?p=5148#more-5148 (in Ukrainian)


UNDP Project  " Development and Commercialization of Bioenergy Technologies in the Municipal Sector in Ukraine" to Provide Technical Assistance for Investment in Municipal Projects Using Agrarian Biomass for Heat Supply

Canada launches Sky's the Limit Challenge offering cash prizes for biojet development

Government GMO   decision labelled 'a grave mistake' ...  Recent decisions by the European Union and the Irish Government on novel plant-breeding techniques could consign Irish agriculture to the " scrapheap of history,"  scientists at University College Cork (UCC) have warned. 

Adlai Nortye  of China  opens Boston Innovation Centre  ... dedicated to the development of important new treatments for cancer, especially immuno-oncology drugs based in the US.  


World Bank Says Preparing $650 Million Loan Guarantee For UkraineRFE/RL, Aug 17, 2018 ...   The World Bank says it is preparing a $650 million guarantee to help Ukraine obtain funding in global-debt markets, but Kyiv must first comply with economic reforms demanded by the International Monetary Fund.

China's Ukrainian jet engines  ...   China has purchased both Ukrainian and Russian jet engines to power their warplanes (Washington Times) 

Washington Allows Kiev to Have Its Cake and Eat It Too  ...  Washington is concerned about Ukraine's shipments of aircraft engines to China. Since Ukraine is obeying the letter of the international law, targeting Kiev in the ongoing war of sanctions cannot be officially justified, yet the US still feels betrayed.  (Washington Times) 
Teaching English to kids in Ukraine:
A way to build the country's better future
By Dr. Peter Voitsekhovsky
Dr. Peter Voitsekhovsky of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation joined a GO Camp project in Ukraine this month to link the Foundation with that growing international movement.  Below is his first report from the field.
If you want to change the world, inspire a kid. That is the motto of GO Camps, a volunteer movement that helps thousands of children in Ukraine to enhance their English skills. GO stands for Global Office -- the name of the Ukrainian non-profit in Kyiv that coordinates the movement. Global Office invites volunteers who are native or advanced speakers of English to children's camps across Ukraine. The children spend two weeks with a volunteer to discover that learning English can be easy and fun. They also get a taste of enriching intercultural exposure and exchange.
Opening Ceremonies at the Skadovsk GO camp

Ukraine is now ranked 47th in the world by the level of English proficiency among its residents (EF English Proficiency Index). Research shows that there is positive correlation between EPI scores and economic development of a country. The GO initiative aspires to boost Ukraine's growth and development by enhancing English proficiency of its new generation. Its goal is to give the new generation of Ukrainians "more opportunities to change the course of history" as they learn to communicate with the whole world without barriers.
This initiative was launched three years ago. It is now considered the biggest volunteer program in Eastern Europe. GO summer camps take place every two weeks from June through August, and "after school" camps are also held during spring and fall months. Most of the camps are for English learners, but some are for those who study German or French.
Over 80,000 kids are now alumni of GO camps. Nearly 500 schools in Ukraine host GO camps this year. By 2020, Global Office expects the program to embrace 85% of Ukraine's school population aged from 10 to 15.
As an NGO, Global Office relies on support from donors and sponsors. They proudly list several GOU agencies as well as foreign embassies and international organizations such as the Britih Council among their supporters. Ambassadors of Canada, India, Australia and Belgium, among others, have worked as volunteers in GO camp programs.
This August, almost a hundred volunteers from two dozen countries arrived in Kyiv for a three-day training program before getting sent to camps in many oblasts, from Chernivtsi in the west to Mariupol in the east. Most of them are native speakers of English from the UK, Australia and the US; but there were also English teachers from other countries of Europe and even from such "unlikely" places as Morocco, Turkey, and Egypt. As Global Office proundly reports, Ukraine became a volunteer destination #1 in Eastern Europe. 
Peter Voitsekhovsky, right, with U.S. volunteers in the GO Camp orientation in Kyiv
Not surprisingly, the U.S. team was the most numerous, with several Ukrainian Americans among them. I was pleased to find Lewis Madanick - a good firend of USUF -- in that group. An experienced citizen diplomat who works for the Open World Leadership Center, Lewis was assigned to one of the most challenging camp locations: in Vugledar, a town just south of Donetsk and only a few miles away from Russia-occupied territory.
My assignment came to be on the southern edge of Ukraine: in Skadovsk, a remote town in Kherson oblast, about 60 miles away from the Crimean border. In my next report, I will describe the experiences of serving as a volunteer at the Skadovsk English camp.

Internships at the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation 
By Adrian Karmazyn
Summer 2018 intern Grant Mizell receives a certificate of appreciation from
USUF Vice President John A. Kun.  Photo by Adrian Karmazyn.

Grant Mizell, an International Studies major at the University of North Florida, has completed a summer internship with the US-Ukraine Foundation.   His duties included reporting on Ukraine-related discussions at Washington think tanks, conducting research for USUF, helping organize events at the Foundation and handling various administrative tasks. 
Other interns assisting USUF since September 2017 include Lisa May, Hannah Underhill, Alex Naumov and Miriam Yakobashvili.

The U.S.-Ukraine Foundation encourages undergraduate and graduate students with a wide variety of interests (such as international relations, public administration, political science, history, journalism, law, public health, web design, economics, and finance) to apply for internships with USUF.
Students wishing to pursue a USUF internship should submit a letter of interest to  info@usukraine.org from one to three months prior to the proposed starting date of the Fall, Spring or Summer internship. Preference is given to early applicants. Interns are selected on a competitive basis.
The Foundation makes every effort to provide a mutually beneficial internship that is tailored to each intern's interests and the needs of the U.S.-Ukraine Foundation.
CLICK to read more about USUF's internship program   


Best Wishes in  Celebrating Ukraine's 27th Anniversary of Independence! 

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~ World Premiere ~
Baba Babee Skazala
at the
Fall 2018 New Jersey Film Festival

New Brunswick, NJ - October 7, 2018 -   Baba Babee Skazala  [Grandmother Told  Grandmother], a documentary film by Verona, NJ resident, and first-time filmmaker, Matej Silecky, will have its World Premiere at the Fall 2018 New Jersey Film Festival, Sunday October 7, 2018, 7 PM. The screening will be held at Voorhees Hall #105, 71 Hamilton Street/College Avenue Campus, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. It will be followed by a Q&A session with Matej and others involved in the production of the film (others TBA). Tickets are available in advance; details at www.njfilmfest.com.

Baba Babee Skazala tells the little-known story of Ukrainian children torn from their homes in the crush between the Nazi and Soviet fronts in World War II. Spending their childhood as refugees in Europe, these inspiring individuals later immigrated to the United States, creating new homes and communities through their grit, faith and deep belief in the importance of preserving culture. It is Matej's first film, and is the culmination of over 35 oral history interviews uncovering the experiences of these survivors.
Other New Jerseyans who were part of the team include: Rutgers University professor, Dr. Alexander Motyl, who provides historic background for the film; Cinematographer (select locations) and former Verona, NJ resident, Evan Yee; Producer and long-time Verona resident, Julie Parker. All the works selected for the festival were screened by a panel of 15 judges including media professionals, journalists, students, and academics. These judges selected the 22 Finalist/Official Selection films which will be publicly screened at our Festival. These were selected from over 507 works submitted by filmmakers from around the world.

Matej is the Founding Director of Kitsune Tale Productions, LLC, but is perhaps best known for being the Runner Up on ITV's "Dancing On Ice" 2018, with his celebrity partner, Brooke Vincent of ITV's "Coronation Street." Matej earned a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from UC Berkeley and a minor in Theater, Dance & Performance Studies. He developed Baba Babee Skazala while at UC Berkeley, and is excited it is having its premiere in his home state.




The 2018 Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference on the Global Bioeconomy  (ABLC Global) will be held November 7-9, 2018 at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

ABLC Global will be home to 17 distinctive Summits, Workshops and Forums and three organizations under one big tent. Dozens of international high-level delegations and the focus and energy of ABLC and its "Networking Like Crazy" focus on cooperation, collaboration, partnership, deal-making and trend-spotting.

The Speakers, the dates, the venue, and a special 2 for 1 opportunity to maximize ROI -  perhaps the single broadest, most global event ever organized in the advanced bioeconomy - all ready for you at The Digest online

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