"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?"

Hey Co-Conspirator, how have you been enjoying the July heat!? Hopefully you've been keeping cool! Take some time to relax and read about everything that we're up to!
Hello everyone! I'm Aja Shumate, and I'm very excited to be writing directly to all of our readers for the first time. I am the Marketing Coordinator for Urban Triage. I often spend my time behind the scenes, creating content for all of our amazing subscribers like you.

As you may have heard, in partnership with Dane County, we'll be allocating $10.7 million in rental assistance to those most in need.

This is a historic moment for our community for many reasons. One---a contract this large has never been given to a Black lead, a grassroots organization that prides itself on centering Black lives---this is history in the making. And we're committed to show up and show out for those we serve by standing in integrity and transformative justice.

Our application for rental arrears, fees, utilities, and forward rent will go live on September 15th, 2021. I'm excited to share more details in the coming weeks. Please stay up to date by following us on Social Media and be among the first to know! We're eager to continue providing stigma-free, humanity-centered services to our community, and we can't wait to jump in and get the job done. 

Next up, we're excited to share with you our newest campaign; Wellness is Black Love! We wanted to emphasize Black wellness, self-love, and community, and after sitting down with our staff, we knew we had to inspire others (and ourselves) to get active and move this summer!

We all know that too often, Black people do not feel seen or heard amongst the fitness community, so we've taken matters into our own hands by challenging community members to make a change in their lives over the course of 45-days, all while being unapologetically Black! ALL are welcomed into our space.

Starting next week, July 21st, we will be hosting community workout sessions every Wednesday & Friday at 5 PM, and Sundays at 9 AM at Urban Triage, 2312 S Park St. Hosted by Nothing to Lose Fitness by Andrew Walls. We'll be offering other activities as well. Would you mind following our Facebook Page for the updated information? Our event page will post later today. We're offering $1,000 to the individual who has the biggest transformation. Not weight loss but transformation. We'll provide more details via Facebook today--giving away raffle baskets and more! We can't wait to share what transformation looks like.

I hope that you enjoy the newsletter and get inspired to live transformed with the Urban Triage team!

Stay tuned,


Supporting Healthy Black Families' Workgroup
Are you sick of being stuck in cycles that don't seem to stop repeating themselves? Are you looking to be a part of a community that is committed to personal growth and change? If you answered yes to these questions… you need to hit the link below and join our 7th cohort of Supporting Healthy Black Families! 

We're utilizing a dynamic framework and transformative education to give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to make a positive change in your life and your community.

When you join this workgroup, you will find yourself amidst a community of Black people who are on the same journey to personal power, freedom, and success. But that's not all! By joining the Urban Triage family, you will have access to wrap-around services and support for every aspect of your life. 

If you or someone you know is interested in joining our workgroup and making a change, hit the link below! 
Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture
This weekend the participants of Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture graduated!

An amazing graduation ceremony and potluck were held in our Community Space. Participants spent the morning sharing food, sharing laughs, and enjoying meals using food grown by them!

Here's what Alex Booker, our Agriculture Specialist had to say:

This weekend, we celebrated the graduation of our Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture pilot program. We spent time with our community members growing food, growing within, and learning the history of Black farmers in the United States. We're so excited that the participants of our workgroup left not only inspired to continue transforming their lives but to grow their own food and get involved with the agriculture field.

It was great to celebrate with both parents and children. We ate food from our garden and had important discussions about the impact of agriculture on all of our lives today. It was an amazing opportunity to launch and take part in this program to continue inspiring transformation in new ways."

If you want to get involved with Supporting Healthy Black agriculture, fear not! The growing season is still upon us, and there's still much more to do!

We’re excited to announce that the application for our 2nd cohort of Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture is now live. With the fall season right around the corner, we will focus on growing fall vegetables and learning canning techniques, pickling processes, and more food preservation skills. Participants will also be introduced to culturally relevant training, further agriculture education, and more. 

If you’re interested in the second cohort of Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture, or for more information, please click below!!
DCCBSP Rental Support
If you or someone you know is struggling with paying rent, we’ve got your back! We're offering virtual and in-person support all over the city of Madison to be accessible to those whom we serve!

As a collaboration, we’ve already assisted over 400 community members with submitting rental assistance applications via CORE and supported an additional 200 families who didn't meet CORE criteria. We’re committed to standing by our community members every step of the way so that they’re able to receive the support that they need. 

Click the link below for more information about our Rental Assistance Program, and schedule a time to receive support.
Yes Touch, No Touch
We’re very proud to announce that our good friend and previous participant of Supporting Healthy Black Families Workgroup, Howanda Yarber, has released her first children’s book! 

“Yes Touch, No Touch” is a children’s book that serves as a tool to discuss an otherwise difficult topic of appropriate physical and social interactions. Howanda has fashioned this book to assist parents and guardians in teaching their children an important topic in a kid-friendly, proactive way! 

Support our community member Howanda by clicking the link to purchase “Yes Touch, No Touch” on Amazon! 
American Red Cross Blood Drive
There is a dire need for Black blood donors. This is especially important for those of us with Sickle Cell. The Red Cross is making a special call for Black community members to donate blood to keep our Black community members safe. 

While all blood types are needed, many Black people are type-o which can save anyone of any blood type! Additionally, we need our blood for our own transfusions, for those suffering from sickle cell, accidents, injuries, surgeries, and more. 

Click the link below to find your local donation site!
Pasture and Plenty Job Openings
Looking for a job helping the community with a great company? Pasture and Plenty have job openings for Monday Night Delivery Driver and Meal Kit Management! 

Pasture and Plenty is offering $15 an hour plus tip share, mileage reimbursement, a 50% discount on Pasture and Plenty meals and meal kits, and a community of people who work towards building a sustainable, just, and integrated food system. 

Click the link below to share the application, or to apply today! 
The person who keeps our office running, Chandra Lewis, deserves a big thanks and acknowledgment!

It is an understatement to say Chandra has hit the ground running since joining us in February.

Chandra consistently goes above and beyond expectations and shows up wherever she is needed. Chandra is not just a team player; she is also a leader.

Chandra is an essential part of our team; we couldn't do what we do without her.

Chandra, thank you!
Our goal is to hire 10 additional staff members in the next 60 days. Descriptions of job openings will appear within a few days. If you want a job that inspires you, this is it! We're serious about our mission, which begins with OUR transformation. Do you want better? Be better with Urban Triage. Are you or someone you know looking for a dynamic work environment with competitive pay? Don't look any further! Our company is hiring! Click below and follow our Facebook page and website for updates.