Greetings from STCAZ
We had a busy 1st Quarter 2019
The kitties are always doing something to keep us busy. We work really hard so they will be healthy, happy and living their best life.
Look who came to help us clean
Two different stores from Kolh's came out in February to do a deep clean. We took everything out of the sanctuary and cleaned it.

The place stayed clean for all of 2 minutes.
Oh those cats! Animals and children always make it hard to keep the place clean.

Arizona Gives Day
Thank you to everyone who donated this year.
We raised over $3,000!!

From AZ Gives directly $2,338
From Pay Pal $380
From Facebook $50
From a check donation $100
From two independent fundraisers $140
Total $3,008
Board News
We have a new board member
We are happy to welcome Anissa Shores to the board. She has been with the organization for 4 years. She has a lot of enthusiasm and drive. She is great at organizing and getting things done.
Terry Solano is now our Secretary
Terry very quickly is stepped into fulfilling this need. She is incredibly fast at turning around the notes and assignments from the meetings.
She always brings heart to all the projects she does.
New Volunteers
We are excited to welcome 9 new volunteers to the STCAZ family
Out and About
We had a booth at the latest PACC 911 event in March.

We enjoy doing events out in the community. We meet such nice people and get to catch up on what other rescues are doing.

Events will start back up in the Fall when the weather will again be pleasant.

We hope you can make the next one we do.
Kitty Health
The kitties kept us busy making trips to the vet.

We made 17 visits to the vet.

Costing $3,384.17
Rescued and placed in Furever Homes
We Welcomed
Sasha came from a big hoarding situation
right here in Mesa.
William was living outside at an apartment complex. He ended up with a wound that got very infected and because he has FIV the treating vet wanted to put him to sleep.
A Sad Goodbye

Sammy came to the sanctuary last September. He struggled with several health issues. One would clear up and then he developed another.
He was a quiet little guy who captured all our hearts.
He is missed by all the volunteers.
He passed on 4/8/19
Revamped Website
Please check out our website.
Jason Miller Photography has been taking the most gorgeous pictures of our cats. Each page and category features one of his works. He makes all the cats look spectacular.
How You Can Help
Fry's Grocery store supports local nonprofit groups like ours. They generously donate 1% of the total of the money you spend at the store.

All you have to do is sign up with them and tell your friends too .

Our number is #QC752

We hope your receipt looks like >>>>>>>>
Other ways to help can be found at >>>
Save The Cats Arizona | w