Avier has expanded their design services in order to provide undivided attention and better meet your design needs.

Located just couple doors down from our main store in the Chapel Hills Mall-top level-Dillard's wing, Stop by to see our new design center and learn more about our services.

Design Center Hours:

Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday from 11:00-3:00.
Wednesday & Friday 3:00-7:00
Or by Appointment 719-282-4300
Buying a new home? No problem, we've got you covered! We even offer in-home consultations for a more in-depth design or project.

Looking for the perfect rug, wall art or window treatments? We have just what you're looking for!
Remodeling? Or are you tired of the same old same old and need an update? Not everyone was born to decorate, but they are born to discover! Don't let any of it overwhelm you...we guarantee to encourage, guide, discover, and make it fun! In fact, you may just need a little inspiration and you'll be well on your way!!
And of course, we carry a wide variety of furniture including top of the line, custom furniture to meet all of your needs! We all know ordering on-line, ordering from discount furniture stores seem great, but now when you need to make multiple returns and replace your furniture after 1-2 years. Buy furniture that will be the right fit and last for a long time. It can be an investment, but in the end you'll come out ahead with long-lasting furniture that will stay with you through multiple seasons in your life. Our Norwalk furniture has a lifetime guarantee on the frame and cushions, build right here in the USA. We also carry Universal, Bramble, Crestview, and many others.
Light up your room or enhance your cabinets! Look no further, we've been told we have the best lights in town...could be a little exaggeration, but we'll take it. Looking for the perfect desk lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, you name it, we can get it for you. Accessorize your cabinets with our wide variety of hardware.
So what are you waiting for....procrastinate no longer! Reach out to us today and we'll give you a call to set a time to meet. Otherwise, please visit us during our design hours. We're excited to work with you and see what fun project lies ahead!!
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Avier Furniture Decor & Gift • Chapel Hills Mall - upper level Dillards wing
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