Porch posts with Custom Timber Beams
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Did you know that faux wood beams can  be used to hide imperfections? Our beams' innovative design makes them ideal for covering ceiling cracks, fixture wiring, support posts, pipes and more. 

Take a look below at a few customer projects that employed faux beams to transform the unsightly into a sight to behold.
What Wiring?
Driftwood Beams in Gray Patina

Lindsay's kitchen remodel plans included the look of traditional, load-bearing beams and long globe chandeliers. Using solid wood beams would be expensive and impractical, so she was happy to find a faux alternative.

Prior to installing the beams, Lindsey cut circular holes in the ceiling drywall, to feed through the apparatus which would safely support the chandeliers from the ceiling studs. 

Holes were then cut in the beams to allow the supporting cables to run through and connect to the chandeliers. The beams' 3-sided design makes it easy to conceal cables and wiring -- they thread right through the center of the beams.

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Dream Beam Cover
Driftwood Beam in Early American

Ben and his wife purchased a small cottage on the coast of Maine that they had dreamed about for a long time. The home didn't need much remodeling, but they wanted to open up the living room and add some rustic touches.

They knocked down a wall which required an engineered structural beam. But instead of hiding it with sheetrock, they gave the support beam the look of real timber by covering it with an 18' faux beam.
The install was easy and it looks terrific. --  Ben, Maine

Keep it Old School

Combining old world style and modern convenience can be tricky -- adding air conditioning to a historic home for example. 

This is another area where our beams can help. Their hollow center is perfect for concealing A/C duct work, and their polyurethane material easy to cut to install the vents. Best of all, their realistic wood look won't comprise the integrity of the home's design. 

Basement lally column covered with a Resawn beam
Going Vertical

A common problem in basement remodeling is how to conceal the steel support posts, or "lally columns" which can throw off the whole design aesthetic.

Homeowner Cinnamon Cisney made quick work of this issue by using faux beams to cover both the horizontal support and the connecting lally column.

The column was covered with a beam ordered in the 4-sided option.  One side is removable, so she simply fit the beam around the post and then added the 4th side for a seamless, 360-degree finish.

The horizontal support was covered with the standard 3-sided beam. The final touch was adding our flexible beam straps to hide the seams.

We are very happy with the product and have received
so many compliments on how real they look!
 -- Cinnamon
Seamless Living Room

James had two objectives in mind when he ordered our Woodland beams -- give his flat living room ceiling a little more design oomph, while simultaneously covering its ugly sheetrock seams. Final result: lots of style, no more seams!

Everyone enjoys the transformation that the beams made. It was a very easy installation, with a great product!  -- James

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Living room with Woodland beams

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DIY Beam Installation
DIY Beam Installation
Testimonial of the Month

My master bedroom has a 10 ft vaulted ceiling where the drywall finishing work was bad.  I installed a Custom Resawn beam over the seam where the vault meets the flat part of the ceiling, a seam that was always cracking. The material is easy to work with. Great product! I am getting lots of compliments. 
-- Dave

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