A supportive living community where
women & their children in crisis discover new paths for permanent change.

"Since we moved into The Gatehouse, a miracle
has happened in my son right before my eyes."  -J. 
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Progress at a glance
The Honorable Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, Mayors Price, Rawlings & Tate help celebrate the opening.
Families begin arriving and have started their path to healing, further education and careers.
All the 24 families in Neighborhood 1 are financially supported through Adopt-a-Family.

Update from Lisa Rose

"It's not what you believe that counts, it's what you believe enough to do." -Gary Gulbranson 


More than a thousand of you have believed enough that is possible for people to move from helplessness and crisis to being hopeful, healthy and strong. You have shown what you believe by helping create The Gatehouse and making a vision become reality.


Incredibly, since Oct. 11, 2013, the 61 acres of undeveloped land have become a beautiful community where ultimately 96 women and around 150 children will move from crisis to self-supportiveness.  


Eighteen families are already walking that path. And we will immerse ourselves this year in the discipline of slowly and orderly accepting women and their children, if they have them, until we reach full capacity.


We continue moving onward: Neighborhoods 3 & 4 will be completed by end of summer, and work has begun on The Hope Chapel, graciously donated by anonymous supporter. And thanks to the Jane & John Justin Foundation for funding a much-needed warehouse. 


Thanking God that He loves all of us so much that we get to do this for those who need a hand up. And, thanking you for all you've done.


Gatehouse Roundup

Thanks to many partners who have helped "prepare for people." Each of you are appreciated, and here are just a few:

  • Thayer family and Bill Adkins, of Texas Toyota and Texas Nissan, who provided automobiles 
  • G96 Men who raised more than $800,000 at their NCAA Men's Basketball Championship event 
  • 30+ God Squad volunteers who cleaned, shopped, set up and fully prepared the apartments for Neighborhood No. 1
Come visit! We will host an Open House 4-7pm on Wed., Sept. 2. RSVP here
to take a tour, meet the staff & get involved.
Help open Neighborhood #2 by adopting one of the next 24 families. Great for an individual, company or group project. Click here.
GH needs a pickup truck and an enclosed refrigerated truck for food donations. Can you help? 817-912-0317
Learn more at a GIG (Gatehouse Information Gathering). A 1-hour event to learn about The Gatehouse. RSVP for the July 8 or Sept. 8 session.
Whether it's referring women or making GH a local mission, come connect with other area pastors and Gatehouse staff. RSVP here for the Sept. 22 lunch.
To acknowledge Domestic Violence Awareness month, mark you calendar for this luncheon sponsored by The Dallas Cowboys. Watch for additional information.
Call 575-GVWOMEN  (575-489-6636) to hear a current list of GH needs. Message will be updated, so check back often.
During the past eight months, more than 600 of you have attended volunteer orientation training and logged more than 1,110 hours. Thank you! Click here to sign-up.
If you'd like to grow deeper by walking alongside a woman or family during their stay, consider becoming a Gatehouse Friend. Note: Additional training is required.
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