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helmet-goggles February 8, 2019

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The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town

The last two weeks at Tailwheel Town
Copies of "Swoop" are still available! Here's the link to take you right to Amazon if you'd like to get a copy for yourself. 
If you'd like an autographed copy, just email me at brian@tailwheelersjournal.com and I'll get one to you.
We got the Duckbox Crash simulator finished and Jessica and I went out and did a bunch of runs on it.  Walt Lasecki took a bunch of pics of the hit and, regardless of whether anyone understood what we were doing, it was a great success and depended on the skill of the pilots to successfully smack the box. I have more cardboard and will offer this to selected pilots in the future.

The original Duck Box Crash in the 100 HP Cub (note the ducks).

Jess DeVan flying the PA12 into the simulator.

Speaking of Walt, we've been working on the "Wind T" aircraft.  It will soon grace to airport and be a very accurate wind indicator to folks flying into Sisters.  Kudos to Vern Goodsell, who volunteered his time and brought his own special brand of craftsmanship to this very special project.  Thank you, Vern!

The Sisters Airport Wind T awaiting installation.

Daughter Janet is teaching at REALMs and brought s bunch of her students out to Sisters for rides in info on aviation.  What a success it was!  Her students wrote reports

  Brian with one of Janet's Students and                                                                        Walt  Laseki conducting a pre-flight                      briefing.

on how much the trip to the Sisters Airport meant to them.  Y'know what my favorite one of all these amazing reports was?  It was this.... " And a special thanks to Janet for being an amazing teacher." Yeh, I can see that. It was great fun. Thanks for including us all...
Aden Kailin in the snow-covered irrigation pivot.

Aden Kailin has started on his Tailwheel Endorsement and we had a tough start with some bad weather, but toward the end of this two week period we got out to the irrigation pivot, which was covered with snow!  What a blast we had!
A new article on the Tailwheeler's Journal
"Bad Training Baggage" is this week's new article.  It's also a subject which is close to my heart because so many fliers have such good instincts and have them stomped on by Acmes well-meaning but horribly trained instructors.  Warning to regular readers:  His is a typical "Brian Rant" with Acme being the usual victim.  I'm sorry.... no, actually I'm not!
        An older article worth another look...
What a coincidence!  This week's older article is from one of my very favorite writers, Gayle Crowder.  It's #62 "Simple Things".  It's a wonderful story that makes a statement about modern life.  
Gayle Crowder with her plane, "Little Red".

By the way, I'm very happy to report that Gayle, much to her presumed  regret, has agreed to be my editor for The Doughnut Boy Press on my new book , "Airshow Pilot", soon to be published.  

The Tailwheeler's Journal is proud to team with Oregon Aero in our quest to promote safer pilots through  development of greater flying skill. Remember, every pilot who completes a Tailwheel Endorsement or Stick and Rudder Master Class at Tailwheel Town will receive a complimentary Gift Certificate from Oregon Aero.

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