Ponsonby - Browns Bay
Browns Bay studio is now open!

We are so excited to have our second studio up and running in the beautiful beachside community of Browns Bay, here we will be sharing our same quality and style that you know and love so please come say 'hi' and tell your North Shore friends about us! The new space offers a home for Nikki's teacher training program to grow, to host workshops and mini retreats and grow our community of mindful movers.

You will find us at 14 Clyde Road, Browns Bay right above the Huckleberry store, the entrance is around the back of the building in the New World carpark. Parking here is 90min with 120min parking in the side roads. Please note the door is locked once class starts so please arrive 5-10min before.

HANDSTANDS 1.0- Getting inverted
Sat Nov 17th 12-2.30pm
@ Ponsonby

For those of you who want to gain confidence, strength and technique to approach handstands in a safe, supportive way. You will be introduced to Nikki's handstand holy trinity and walk away with a 15min core stability sequence to practice 3x week to unlock your super powers within! BOOK NOW

HANDSTANDS 2.0- Training balance and variations
Sat Dec 8th 12-2.30pm
@ Ponsonby

Are you kicking up into handstand at the wall and long to find that sweet spot of balance in the middle of the room? This workshop is for you! Learn skills and techniques to level up and begin to play with some fun and funky variations as well as begin to stick that handstand!
Body - Mind - Energy
Dec 15th 3.30-6pm
Meet Ella.....

Ella found yoga at a pivotal moment in her life. As many people do, Ella came to the practice to seek clarity in an otherwise turbulent time in her life. The practice of yoga brought moments of peace and a feeling of well-being that she hadn't found elsewhere.

Ella made the decision to train to be a teacher in this wonderful art. She wanted to deepen her understanding of the practice, and she wanted to serve as a yoga-catalyst to other people.  Ella practises and teaches a style that fuses the meticulous spirit of Iyengar with the moving poetry of Vinyasa.

Ella's classes are challenging, but given in a gentle and playful manner. You will walk out of class feeling strong, stretched and radiant.
21 day challenge!

It takes 21 days to create a new habit so lets create a healthy one before the end of year madness sets in. Commit to practicing 21 classes over 21 days and reap the benefits of how great you can feel.

Challenge starts Nov 1st and runs until Wed 21st Nov.

Handstand workshops
Get out of your head and onto your hands
Your favourite end of year treat is here. this year even more delicious and decadent than ever!

Working with specific essential oil blends, matched with restorative and yin poses, mudras and mantra. We will slowly and gently work to realign your physical body, ease stress in the mind and balance the chakra system. Followed by delicious treats and teas.

This 'mini retreat' will be held at our Browns Bay studio so that you can also enjoy a beach walk or meditation. Bring a friend for a total bliss filled journey.

If you haven't already check out Ella's Vinyasa classes 6.45am Tuesday and Thursday @ Ponsonby