We've got some exciting news... Montreat's Youth & Young Adult Rollout week begins September 26th! - If you are a youth leader, parent, or young person yourself, then be sure to check out Youth & Young Adult Rollout Week on our social media! Starting Monday, you will find announcements regarding leadership, theming, and registration for some of our biggest conferences of 2023. Check out the schedule below to see what to watch for!
College Conference @ Montreat: Watch for more information about this conference on Monday, September 26th!
Montreat Middle School Conference: Watch for information about this conference on Tuesday, September 27th!
Summer Staff @ Montreat: Watch for information about this conference on Wednesday, September 28th!
Montreat Youth Conference - Watch for information about this conference on Thursday, September 29th!
How to get involved at Montreat - Learn how to take your involvement to the next level on Friday, September 30th!
Connect with Montreat - We hope that you are as excited as we are about all of the opportunities for youth and young adults coming up in 2023! Make sure that you are following us so that you don’t miss out on any of these announcements!
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