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Dear Patti,

It's back to school time in Northern Virginia, and I'm proud to say that our repairs help keep families and children safe and healthy at home, which can lead to better outcomes for children in school.

We've had a hot and stormy summer, but our volunteers have continued undaunted to make critical repairs so our neighbors can live in safe and healthy homes. Every week our RT Express Teams make repairs and modifications for two or three neighbors so they can continue to live safely in their own homes.

I enjoy reading the notes we receive from the neighbors we've helped. We recently received a lovely email from Su who wrote:

"I want to thank the whole team who were so kind, diligent and untiring. They installed and repaired many things in my house. It seems all the work was done with magic and finished effortlessly at a speed only an expert can achieve. Thanks from the bottom of my heart to everyone from Rebuilding Together for a job well done."

Together we are making a difference. Thank you for being a partner in safe and healthy housing!


Patti Klein
Executive Director

P.S. We've uploaded hundreds of pictures to the RT-AFF Flickr. Please take a look - you'll see lots of smiling volunteers working hard to improve the lives of families, people with disabilities and seniors in our community.

Kristen Pollard Named Arlington RSVP Volunteer of the Year

Please help us congratulate Kristen Pollard for being named 2023 RSVP Volunteer of the Year by Volunteer Arlington!

Kristen is a registered, licensed occupational therapist who specializes in home modifications to prevent falls and help seniors age in place safely. We were delighted when she stepped forward to volunteer with us in 2021.

Kristen is a committed volunteer and steps forward to help Rebuilding Together-AFF advance our mission in whatever way is needed. Kristen does hands on work with our volunteer teams installing grab bars and has also helped with larger projects like deconstructing a deck to salvage Trex decking material, which we later used to build a wheelchair ramp for a homeowner in need. Kristen also represents RTAFF at health fairs and other outreach events. This year Kristen developed and refined a 45 minute presentation about our repair and modification program and made the presentation at the Living in Arlington Fair. We'll be using Kristen's presentation to educate seniors in Arlington and Fairfax Counties for years to come about practical strategies for aging in place safely in the homes they love.

RT Express Continues to Grow

Created in 2015 to fill a gap in our home repair and modifications program, Rebuilding Together Express now accounts for 60% of our projects for homeowners in need. RT Express focuses on 40 common repairs and modifications that allow low-income seniors to safely age in place. Our low-cost high impact modifications help reduce their risk of falling, improve general safety, increase accessibility, and improve homeowners' functional abilities in their homes.

Our RT Express program relies on six volunteer team leaders and a pool of skilled and talented volunteers who regularly work on projects. They gain deep satisfaction in learning from each other and in making dramatic differences in the lives of the neighbors we assist. We have welcomed many new volunteers to RT Express this year - some with a high level of skills and some who are mentored as they develop their skills on projects.

The most common RT Express modifications are installing grab bars, double stair rails, comfort height toilets and brighter lighting. But the scope of work for each project depends on the health and safety hazards our staff and volunteers identify through a systematic assessment of each home, and understanding how a homeowner lives in their home.

Three new solid steps replaced 2 rotted steps. Taking care of deferred maintenance and repairs is critical for our neighbors in need.

Mr. T has disabilities due to a stroke so the new railings leading down his front steps will help keep him safe.

Double stair rails make it easier for seniors to safely go up and down their stairs because they can use both hands for stability.

Ms. A tests out her new stairlift as Lou, our stairlift expert, looks on. Stairlifts are life changing for homeowners with disabilities who live in multi-story houses.

Dave cleans out a dryer duct. This is a good metal duct but we often find plastic accordion ducts which we replace with metal ducts to reduce the risk of fire.

Pat installs a grab bar. Bathroom falls are a major hazard for seniors aging in place.

Bard installs a new air filter. Clean indoor air is critical for everyone.

Bill and Chris add a second stair rail for an Arlington homeowner.

Dave teaches Chloe how to repair a faucet for a young family in Alexandria.

RTAFF in the News

We are always excited when Rebuilding Together-AFF receives publicity. Local media coverage helps homeowners learn about our program and helps us connect with volunteers, partners and funders.

Patti Klein was a recent guest on Supervisor Penny Gross's "Mason Matters" show. Click the image to watch. published an article about our work in the community. Click the image to read the story.

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