January 10, 2017
Happy New Year! 

At the beginning of any new cycle we often take time to reflect on where we've been, where we are currently, and where we want to go. This year is truly new because we are assessing our situations very differently. For many who have studied spiritually most of their lives, now the past meets present meets future all at the same time and our perspective on going forward stops and we veer off on a new path inward and beyond. We truly are moving into a new dimension of time and of Being. It is okay not to know, not to be certain, not to have all the answers. And it is definitely okay not to have goals for the future. I have goals only for today. It's about moving at the speed of life flow, which is sometimes fast and sometimes slow. It is totally okay to be with and enjoy whatever is. Happy New You!

Lynn LaFroth, editor
Featured Articles
Healing Ellie Cindi McGrath
BOOK RELEASE!  Healing Ellie Healing Me
By Cindi McGrath

The true story of Ellie's and the author's shared journey of self-discovery and healing. Ellie, abused and tortured before being cast aside as a not-quite-four-month-old puppy; this is her story of transformation.

Discovered living in a culvert, starving and covered with wounds and parasites; this is Ellie's journey from a distrustful and traumatized puppy to a healthy, happy, 120-pound lapdog. Unlike many stories told from a dog's perspective, Ellie's story is different. Ellie's story is true. A true tale of neglect, torture, and abuse followed by rescue, deep struggle, and healing. That Ellie found the one person - the only person -  who could save her was destiny.
You and the Unloved Ones
By Georgina Cannon

WE ALL HAVE 'em. Friends that we love deeply who have friends we can't stand. Extended family members who are disruptive, emotionally diminishing, or just plain pains in the butt! If we had the choice, these people wouldn't be a part of our lives but because they are, through loving connections with others, we have to find a way of making the relationship with them work.

In general, we usually like people who are like us: Same values, same patterns, same way of seeing the world. So if we can find a way to make ourselves in some way-however small-like or appreciate the person who drives us crazy, there's a possibility that we can make our life easier. READ MORE>>
Unraveling the Past
By Sonja Grace

OVER THE PAST century humans have broken the bonds of gravity and redefined time and space through space travel. In my 'spirit travels' I too have defied the natural order bypassing current time to go back to the past. 
    I 'spirit travel' by entering into profound meditation and have learned how to travel to sacred destinations all over the world and back through the ages. My guides explain what these sacred sites were used for and why they were built and by whom. 

Featured Events
bodylab spring 2017
BodyLabUSA's Holistic Healing & Psychic Fairs www.BodyLabUSA.com 
Come explore everything spiritual and holistic. We have a variety of vendors offering readings, aura photos, energy healings, crystals, gemstones and much more. We will also have a Group Gallery event similar to Teresa Caputo, as well as FREE Lectures. $5 Entrance Fee. FREE gift bags to the first 25 people. We have something for everyone. FFI: www.BodyLabUSA.com or 715-520-1358
Audubon Winter Weekend
Winter Family Weekend,
Feb. 17-20

Treat your family to 3-nights/ 4-days of discovery, learning and fun!
Whether you're looking for snow activities, skiing/ snowshoeing, nature learning or total relaxation, this retreat has something for everyone in your family! A slew of age-specific as well as all-family activities are planned, including things like climbing wall, sleigh rides, building snow shelters, wildlife and cultural educational programs, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, art & crafts, campfires, astronomy, and much, much more. Spend some quality time with your family at the Audubon Center of the North Woods this winter, making memories that last a lifetime! www.audubon-center.org  888-404-7743; info@audubon-center.org
healthy life expo
Feb 4-5: Healthy LIFE EXPO™
10 am-5 pm. Minneapolis Convention Center. Explore up to 200+ exhibitors offering everything for health, balance and success in all areas of life. On-going speaker presentations/demonstrations. Product sampling, hourly drawings and free health information. Admission $6 or FREE with a food shelf donation. http://www.MediaMaxEvents.com  952-238-1700. EXHIBIT (952) 238-1700
Cindy Lehman
Beginning Feb 22: Psychic Development Beginning/Foundation Class
Learn to consciously access your soul's guidance, clarity, purpose, wisdom. Discover your abilities working with your body/soul partnership in this lifetime. Grounding, setting/maintaining healthy energetic boundaries, clearing your aura, energetic integrity, chakras, trancing, creating, guides, reading energy patterns. Wed evenings, Feb - Oct. Cindy Lehman, 612-669-1861 cindy@cindylehman.com  www.cindylehman.com
Gypsy with Crystal Ball
Feb 25: EdgeLife Psychic & Healing Symposium
85+ exhibitors include holistic healers, wellness products, intuitive readers, mediums, stones/crystals, jewelry, aura photos, unique gift items & more! Keynote speakers: Christine Day, Psychics in the Cities, John DeSalvo. 9:30 - 6:00. Earle Brown Center, Brooklyn Center, MN. To exhibit: dee@edgelife.net. FFI: http://edgelife.net/psychic-symposium/

Longevity Expo
Apr. 8: Longevity Health EXPO™
10 am to 5 pm. Maple Grove Community Center, 12951 Weaver Lake Road, Maple Grove, MN. 150 exhibitors. Two non-stop speakers' stages. The Ultimate Health Expo. $6 or FREE with donation for the Food Shelf. Exhibit or attend: 952-238-1700. http://www.MediaMaxEvents.com



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EDITOR: Lynn LaFroth