Dear Center Members,

We've survived another week!! Everyday we get closer and closer to a 'new' 'now normal' which feels, more and more to me, closer to how I was functioning pre-Covid19.

The big difference for me, beside wearing a mask, is thinking a lot more about planning my activities. For example: running to the supermarket. I might realize on Saturday that I'm running low on salad stuff. Before COVID I would just jump over without another thought, now I might stop myself from shopping on the spur of the moment and decide to wait for a weekday when stores are less crowded. I always have to think about having my mask and hand sanitizer on me, and making more-calculated decisions on widening my circle of friends I see.

Certainly, life has changed. But with luck and adherence to guidelines, we will be together again soon.

As we move closer to reopening, please understand that there will be lots of changes. We won't be able to just throw open the doors to the Center and pretend that the past few months never happened. I will keep you in the loop as our plan solidifies, and I'd appreciate if you would share the information as we release it with friends that might not have technology as I will be primarily using this platform to get the word out.

If you're interested in the specific's of each executive order from Governor Murphy here is a link . Our Governor has a press conference almost daily and here is his you-tube channel to watch past or live presentations.

Every staff member is still working and is more than happy be a resource for you. Here is a link for all of our contact info. Speaking of staff- we took it on the road last week and visited some of you! It was such a joyful day seeing your smiling faces! Just in case you wanted to know how we chose who we saw, we identified some seniors that live alone, don't drive and might have minimal supports. Although we would love to visit you all, there aren't enough hours in the day.

Below, is a picture of one big change that was implemented in your absence: When you do return, we want to do what we can to keep you safe!

For now, stay well and take good care,
My Best,
Excited to share that we now have motion activated bathroom doors!
These 'wave plates are on all four bathrooms entering and exiting so that you do not have to touch anything after you wash your hands!
Even before Covid19- this technology is brilliant!


Advanced Care Planning- Planning for Peace of Mind Free webinar

If you have not mailed in your absentee ballot for July 7th's primary you can find a polling site at this lin k.
(June 30 is the last day to mail in)

AARP Free Tax Aide Assistance - This is not face to face tax assistance but volunteers will help you step by step while you complete your taxes on line.