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Take our survey: plastic bags
To reduce waste, conserve resources and protect the environment, Washington County is considering an ordinance that would limit grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses from providing single-use plastic bags. The City of Hillsboro and 13 other cities in Oregon already have similar policies in place.

We want to hear what you think about this potential ordinance! Please share your thoughts by taking this short survey.
High school climate change contest
Do you know a high school student who is passionate about environmental issues?

We are partnering with Washington County's chapter of 350.org to host a contest for students in grades 9-12 about how food waste contributes to climate change.

Submissions can be in essay form or a short video. Prizes include cash, internships at local environmental organizations and a certificate of recognition.

Check out the contest website for more details.
Props to PlanetCon!
January 12th was another fun and successful community collection event organized by the Westside Master Recyclers . PlanetCon was held at Quatama Elementary and hosted a repair fair, a holiday swap, outreach tables from community organizations, Styrofoam collection, appliance collection and more.

But don't be sad if you couldn't make it. Most of the items collected at PlanetCon are accepted at other locations. If you don't want that old vacuum cleaner or stash of Styrofoam to sit in your garage, use What to Recycle and Where? for year-round drop off and disposal options.
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