JUNE 2023

behind the SCENES

A Formal Introduction

Aundréa Cika Heschmeyer, President

Marquee’s team of creatives – designers, writers, publicists, storytellers, media buyers, event planners, and marketers - have created many memorable client campaigns and charity projects together for almost two decades. 

But how would you know this? We traditionally have just let the work speak for itself. To recognize our anniversary this month, we also want to tell you about our outstanding clients, their projects, and the people who make it happen! 

Marquee focuses on a select group of visionary business leaders and organizations who are passionate about their mission and goals. These clients value personalized services delivered when they need them. They appreciate creative events, unique branding, and digital marketing that sets them apart from the crowd.  

Marquee’s stellar team of professionals gets things done by putting their skills to work while never forgetting that there is a person behind every brand. We work hard to inspire you with fresh solutions that are both custom-designed and budget-friendly. We do this by partnering with you for the long term as we help you launch your dream project, break into new markets, and set your company apart from the crowd.

You already know many of us, you’ve seen our work, and now we are proud to introduce the firm…

this is MARQUEE

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the creative SCOOP

the MARQUEE brand

We take your image seriously and treat your logo with the utmost respect that we used to develop our own. So why Marquee, and what is the reasoning behind our brand?

More than the canopy projecting over the entrance to a theater, marquee the adjective describes the superlative level of work we produce and the role we want to play with our clients. 

Marquee work is bold, creative, and tailored to a company’s unique goals

Marquee team members are deeply invested in the success of every project.


Marquee clients want personalized services on their time schedule.

Marquee clients build their brand through captivating experiences, creative marketing, and relationship building.

Our logo conveys our marketing philosophy - seamless, with no defined beginning or end. Like the circle, we surround the campaign with continuity and flow. Our color choice is the dynamic periwinkle/lavender blue - a calming yet energizing and hopeful color. We want our clients to know that we do things differently. Periwinkle evokes sentimental memories, and Marquee is a company that always honors the past while looking forward to the next challenge. We fully embrace our client’s traditions and help build new ones. 

Agata Khoury, Art Director

The full Marquee Logo

A little inspiration from nature - the popular periwinkle spring-time bluebells from Poland Woods, Poland, Oh

The Marquee Mark

shining the SPOTLIGHT

Mahoning Valley Warrior


Event Creation & Branding

Fundraising Package Development 

Website Design & Content Development

Digital Marketing + Social Strategy & Management

Event Photography & Family Engagement

Staff & Staff Families Volunteered

Since 2019 the Mahoning Valley WARRIOR has been the flagship fundraising event of the Autism Society of the Mahoning Valley.

It epitomizes the unique, energized, and successful experiential events we create for the organization. Taking place on the first Saturday of June and raising more than $30K annually, there is something going on for every audience. Autism families have the opportunity for fun and camaraderie, as well as the chance to learn at the Resource Fair; athletes compete in a unique challenge while raising funds, local gyms compete head-to-head with the tractor pull, and community members from all walks of life come together to work to benefit the more than 6,000 area residents affected by autism spectrum disorder. 



Megan Duden, Digital Marketing Director

in the KNOW

A Beginner's Guide to Navigating ChatGPT

Alexis Watkins, Marketing Associate

Fears surrounding AI takeovers, the future of copywriters, and academic dishonesty have skyrocketed since the application was launched in November 2022. From the same creators behind DALLE*2 and Whisper, ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm. Fears surrounding AI takeovers, the future of copywriters, and academic dishonesty have skyrocketed since the application was launched. Can a bot really replace a human when it comes to creating content? 

Learn more by reading entire Marquee blog here 

the industry TRENDS

Hot summer event themes!

Women take the stage this season! Expect to see a lot more Mermaids, Coastal Grandmothers, and Barbie inspired events. Read on for ways to incorporate these trends into your summer events.


Stand behind your Pride campaign

Don’t apologize for extending your reach! Research finds that inclusive companies had greater brand appeal and customer loyalty – with consumers looking for socially responsible brands.


Email marketing is making a comeback

As algorithms and advertising policies change on social media, email remains a reliable way to build an audience through reliable distribution in an established and proven channel.


MARQUEE shows you all the coming attractions in marketing.



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