David's Autobiography, Jet Ride to Hell, Journey to Freedom, $9.99 Kindle Version, $25 Softback, Free Shipping.

Arrested with a Stolen Jet - David is a critically acclaimed author, speaker, and lead pastor. His autobiography “Jet Ride to Hell, Journey to Freedom” tells of his incredible transformation story – one that exemplifies God’s beautiful plan of redemption and grace. David was a convicted felon, where he spent 20 years in federal prison for stealing multi-million dollar jet aircraft for the Colombian drug cartel. However, a life’s path that seemed to have stamped a one-way ticket to hell was dramatically changed by a mother’s prayer and a faithful God. A riveting story line that includes a sting operation carried out by 20-armed federal agents on the tarmac of a South Florida runway, and the tales of a prisoner living inside America’s maximum security prison, Leavenworth Penitentiary – this autobiography will captivate you from start to finish!