Volume 02 | February 2020
Custom Light, Calibration Tips, and More!
We are continuing our monthly newsletter with tips on how to calibrate your PX940 verification printer, Zebra trade-ins that could save you money, some internal EMP news, and much more!
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Our Service Department is Growing!
Over the years we have built our service offerings for customers based on the request for different types and levels of service . Today we have an entire brochure to highlight our full suite of services available. Service is and always will be at the center of what we do. We continue to grow our service department, and we have two new vans and two new technicians to show it!

Check out our website for Services that we available. Don't see exactly what you're looking for? Let us know!
Is Your Software Giving You a Headache?

We work with a number of excellent software companies, and while the software can be extremely helpful for our customers, it can sometime cause a few headaches after implementation. Getting software implemented correctly is not a one-and-done project. Each customer is different and requires a slightly different implementation and maintenance for the selected software.
This is where EMP may be able to help! At the core of our business is service. Our company is structured to handle not only the initial software/hardware sales, but we are also here to make sure it is implemented correctly the first time.

Read the article below to find out more...


EMP Engineers Custom Vision Lights
Our goal at EMP is to solve the customer's problem in the best way possible. A recent example of this is the project highlighted below. The customer was having issues reading the barcode on a round, metallic part. EMP made sure to deliver the best solution for the customer!

EMP isn't here to just sell you hardware. We are here to solve your problems, even if that means designing a custom light! Want more details on the project? Click below....

Need to Re-calibrate your Honeywell PX940 Printer?

The new Honeywell PX940 with an integrated verifier has been implemented at a number of our customers. After so many runs, the printer/verifier needs to be re-calibrated. We have received a number of calls on how to do this, so we thought we would put together a quick tutorial...enjoy!!
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Shop Floor Data Collection Terminals - CC600 & CC6000

You may have seen them in your favorite retailer. Mounted to a pole at the far end of the store, a kiosk that you can use for checking the price of an item. Or more recently, you might have used one to place an order instead of going to a cash register-based clerk. Small touch screen-based terminals with a built-in bar code scanner. Add to that, Zebra’s Enterprise rugged version of Android, built in wireless, Ethernet, Bluetooth, and a wide temp range. What you have here is the CC600 and CC6000, semi-rugged, feature laden, shop floor data collection terminals. With a 5” or 10” screen size option. All at a price that won’t break the bank.
Why didn’t Zebra think of this? The answer is, we aren’t sure. Retail customers tend to be some of Zebra’s biggest revenue customers and this product was developed with them in mind. But as a partner that works heavily in the warehouse and manufacturing space, all that we can see is a full function, shop floor terminal. You won’t want to use these in the outdoors or in an oil refinery, but this product is more than tough enough for most production environments.

We are working on our first customer application with this product right now and have a few demo units available. Reach out to the EMP Tech Group today to arrange for an onsite demonstration!

GoZebra! - Get Paid to Upgrade
Yesterday's technology is no match for today's challenges. How well your front line performs depends in great part on the technology used. If it’s outdated, it’s not made to outsmart errors, delays, and complexity. Give workers the tools to get the job done. Go from lagging legacies to leading-edge solutions with GO Zebra.

Swap setbacks for savings on smarter, harder-working technology: 
• Exchange complicated workflows for one-step simplicity
• Work nonstop with technology built tough
• Remotely manage with set-it-and-forget-it ease
• Preempt problems before they become disruptions