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Personal Chef Services
O2 HealthLab Immune System Optimizing!
Sprouted and Soaking Grains - The Health Benefits
Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Personal Chef Services
Meal Prep:
This is a service where our chefs prepare meals for you to enjoy throughout the week. The chef can make dinners, lunches, breakfast, and snacks! Whatever you need, our chefs will be there to work one on one with you in order to create a custom menu and experience to fit your needs.
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Dinner at Home:
 Are you craving the restaurant experience right now? Did you know you can get that same experience in your home with one of our chefs? We will work with you and all of your dietary needs/preferences to provide a world class dinner from the comfort of your home. Healthy or Gourmet, we have a chef for you!
All WHE chefs are now required to wear gloves, masks, and booties while working in your home. We practice the highest level safety procedures for your safety.
Looking to optimize your immune system while we deal with

O 2  HEALTH LAB , the leaders in cutting edge health and wellness therapies, including Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT)  is now offering a specialized protocol, to effectively encourage immunity.

What is  Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?   Learn more
While there is no current treatment or Vaccine for the Coronavirus, Medical studies show that HBOT can help to optimize the immune system. How?
·  HBOT can cause an up-regulation and increased production of  “Superoxide Dismutase”
·  Plus,  “High dose oxygen”  has been shown to be both anti-microbial and anti-viral
Doctors have made available a supply of  ProImmune 200 , a nutritional supplement that helps upregulate the synthesis of glutathione in every cell in the body.  Glutathione  is sometimes referred to as the “Master Antioxidant”  O2 Health Lab is combining the use of ProImmune 200 with HBOT sessions to provide significant immune boosting results.

Please visit  for a full menu of services and local Orange County, CA locations.
Contact O2 at 949.541.2000 for more info, or to schedule an appointment.
Whole Health Everyday's Featured Health Tip
Have you heard of sprouted grains or soaking your grains?

Do you know why it can be beneficial to your health and save you time cooking to sprout or soak your grains? Chef Brett shares a few reasons behind soaking and sprouting grains and a simple how-to.
Whole Health Everyday's Featured Recipe
Summer is coming and salads are a sign of it! There's tossed salad, pasta salad, potato salad, and so many variations. Here is a great variation on potato salad that utilizes the flavorful and beneficial sweet potato, and is VEGAN! 

Chef Spotlight
In Arizona...
Chef Abby - "I have over 8 years of culinary and catering experience now. I apprenticed under a celebrity chef in Houston, Texas and for the past 3 years I have represented America’s Test Kitchen as a culinary instructor and live demonstrator. I look forward to bringing all of y talents with me to the kitchen and creating some nutritionally powerful and flavorsome foods for you!"
In Orange County...
Chef Brett - Brett studied abroad in Peru to learn more about the nutrition practices of the country. In obtaining his Nutrition degree, Brett took medical nutrition therapy, athletic performance cuisine, life cycle nutrition which covered pregnancy, postnatal, and elderly nutrition among other classes.
In San Diego...
Chef Logan - Logan is a firm believer that genuine hospitality is always the most important part of any meal, and that clients should feel the Chef’s love of their craft through the food that they make. Logan has an avid passion for cooking and considers it to be a great escape from the troubles of the world.
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